A Honeymoon Stole

one skein stole 2

Our bride certainly was beautiful. Not to mention, resourceful! I loved the bridal bouquet she made herself with brooches she collected. She even included her new monogram. After all their hard work on putting together the wedding, she and youngest son, Alex are off on their island honeymoon. With the One Skein - A Stole! pattern by Katja Jordan and a skein of Noro Silk Garden Sock, I whipped up this versatile scrunchy stole for our bride to tuck into her carry on. Not only would this make a great stole to grace bare shoulders, it could also be tied across the hips sarong-style for a flirty little bikini cover … [Read more...]

Featured: Peony Lariat

Make Knitted Peony Lariat Necklace

I've long admired the beautiful Peony Lariat by Ohmay Designs. I'd love to tie it around the slender necks of beautiful Bridesmaids at a garden wedding, or pinned to the waist of a child's gathered cotton dress. Such a lovely, romantic piece! When asked how she was inspired to design such a beautiful thing, Ohmay shared, "It was few years ago when I created the knit peony flower. Thinking back, I believe that the peony came about as a trial and error and not as a design goal. My very first knit flower was the poinsettia which was created for a Christmas challenge with an Etsy team I belong to. From there I experimented with different shapes and sizes of petals. My experiments … [Read more...]

Wedding on a Budget – An Unconventional Bouquet

Jaci Modeling Fabric Wedding Bouquet

In our crafty land of button bouquets, paper bouquets and felt floral bouquets, the traditional floral bouquet sure seems a bit pedestrian, doesn't it? Sewing is my first love, so when I brainstormed crafty bridal bouquets for budget weddings, fabric flowers came to mind. I've made two types of fabric flowers in my lifetime - roses similar to the roses made in Wedding on a Budget - Favors and Decorations , but with fabric rather than crepe paper - and yo yo's! I wanted something different than the usual rose bouquet so I just had to step outside the box to make a yo yo bouquet. I wasn't sold on the concept at first - after all, when you … [Read more...]

Wedding on a budget – Favors and decorations

Make a Wedding Pomander

There is no shortage of amazingly clever ideas for wedding favors and wedding decorations. It was no easy task picking my favorites, because Oh my gosh - they were all my favorites! - but I picked a few that I really loved to showcase for you. I've always been a huge fan of floral pomanders hanging from a wrought iron hook amongst the wedding guests. Heart, Hands, House has a great tutorial on how to make these pretty pomanders with little more than a Styrofoam ball, a few glue sticks and streamer paper. Who knew that such easily obtained craft supplies could make such elegant looking decor? I have to admit that I tried to follow her tutorial - which is wonderfully written - but … [Read more...]

Wedding on a Budget – Invitations

Print At Home Wedding Invitation

Emily said yes! Meet my little brother, Alex (aka Max), his fiance' Emily, and her cutie pie son, Connor. They are in the beginning stages of planning their life together and the wedding comes first! Naturally they are a little bit concerned about the cost of such an event and this has inspired me to write a series of blog posts about weddings on a budget.  A handmade wedding is anything but skimpy! Let's start with invitations: You can ditch those stuffy old engraved invites that cost a fortune! Graphic designers are offering a more modern and up to date approach. Looking them over, I took a little bit of a detour and found myself at Etsy - of course, I love that place! - which … [Read more...]