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Reversible Holiday Table Runner Tutorial

This quilted table runner is reversible so you can use it for several months a year! It is a fat quarter friendly project that can be made in a day. It's an adorable solution to holiday decorating.| SimplyNotable.com

Have your tried out our Scrappy Mug Rug pattern yet? If so, I challenge you to make a larger version into a reversible table runner. This table runner is no more difficult than the mug rugs. By making it reversible, you will be able to use the same table runner for several months a year. I made a Fall/Halloween version but you could easily make one …read more

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i ♥ tawashis

Heart Tawashi Knitting Pattern from Simply Notable!

Tawashi’s are the most adorable sort of pint sized scrubby! Daughter Carli got me started with them when she made me a sweet little apple slice tawashi for a holiday gift. I make them for the kitchen, of course, but also keep a basket handy in the bathroom for makeup removal and facial cleansing. Cast on these little tokens of double thick, …read more

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No Sweets for my Sweeties!

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Anyone who has children knows that holidays mean candy and sweets, whether it be a box of chocolates for Valentines Day, candy canes at Christmas or the piles of candy they receive at Easter and Halloween.  My sweet little boys are already full of natural energy, so I wanted to create a Valentine’s gift that didn’t include a bunch of sugar.  As …read more

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Homemade Pixie Stick and Printable Valentines

Printable Homemade Healthy Pixie Sticks for Kid's Valentine Parties!

Where in the world have I been? I had no idea you could purchase these cute little paper straws! When I saw them I was immediately reminded of my childhood. It brought me right back to the red stained lips and tongue that was caused by those yummy, sugary and often soggy pixie sticks we used to eat as kids. With Valentines Day quickly approaching and …read more

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Holiday Hand Warmers and Printable Gift Tag!


  With the autumn days winging by, we’re fast approaching the season of giving. In my neighborhood, the giving generally involves deliciously gooey baked goods or candy. I have a sweet tooth as much as the next gal, but by mid-December I’m good and tired of trying to dodge the gifted sweets threatening the 10 pounds it’s taken me a year to lose! So, …read more

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B J ♥’s J W


  These sweethearts met 56 years ago. James W. was an army private on leave and Barbara Jean, a high school student. They met at her hometown skating rink and were a couple from that day on. Barbara Jean is my Mom and after many years of marriage, she became Dad’s caretaker for the last few years of his life until it was over in 2010. They …read more

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Handspun ♥’s

A Handspun Knitted Valentine Sachet Heart Pattern

  Each time I finish a hand spun knit, I roll up all those leftover pieces and display them in one of the pretty little bowls I collect in my craft room. When it gets too full and starts spilling over the sides, I start thinking about making some little scrappy project with them. Hand spun, especially on a drop spindle, is truly a labor of love, …read more

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TuTu Cute Valentine Printable

Cute Girly Valentine Printable

Let’s just say I may have overdone it when purchasing tulle for Ivy’s bed skirt. I purchased close to 20 yards! In my defense, I had no earthly idea how much I’d use and it was only a little over $1/yard. So, when thinking about Valentine Cards for Ivy’s kindergarten class, my first thought was to try to make a dent in that large pile of left over pink …read more

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Candy Box Dress Up

Valentine's Day Heart Dressed up with Scrapbook Paper and Free Crochet Flower Pattern

  When you pick up the customary red heart candy box as a gift this Valentine’s Day, think about bringing it to the next level with some scrapbook paper, yarn scraps and your own artistic eye. Dress ups like these just couldn’t be easier. You simply trace the lid of the candy box onto pretty scrapbook paper, cut it out and voila! You have …read more

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Noo-Noo Hair Bows

Painted Pasta Hair Bows

  Leave it to my witty daughter, Jaydin to come up with the most unique ideas for handmade holiday gifts for her sisters. Last year you may remember the Holiday Crayons she made and gave to her younger sisters and cousins. This year it was pasta hair bows! Yep! She actually started with bow tie pasta, then used little squirt bottles …read more

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