There’s things to love in Prague

old door 2

There isn't much I run across in my travels that I haven't seen before in some way shape or form. But Prague managed to surprise me. I may have had some preconceived notions about what to expect from this country, but it taught me a new trick or two. For one, despite all the interesting architecture I've seen, Prague still had plenty that wowed me. Like the gothic sandstone St Titus Cathedral: The simplicity and perfection of fresh mint or ginger tea, made by pouring boiling water over the fresh herbs and served with honey. Delicious! Flower Balls for sale at the outdoor floral vendors. Yes! Flower Balls! Continually changing graffiti on The John Lennon … [Read more...]

Yarn Shopping in Athens

i love wool sign

With one week before I return to the U.S., I couldn't leave without sharing a couple of my local yarn stores here in the city of Athens, Greece. There are two yarn stores I've enjoyed most. One is the Kangaroo Store - a super crafty little place loaded with supplies for fiber related crafts. On this last visit, they had everything imaginable for felting and creating three dimensional fiber art, such as felt balls, small skeins of silk and silk cocoons. The owner is always helpful and makes an extra effort to communicate with me, letting me know what crafting classes they have coming up. Another store I'm partial to is Mallia Molokotou. Their handmade I Love … [Read more...]

Frappe’ ?

Greek Frappe' Recipe

We've learned that quiet time here in Greece extends from 2:00 until 5:00 p.m. The afternoon nap time is protected by law in the city of Athens. If you make noise that disturbs your neighbors, you could be given a stiff fine! After 5:00 is coffee time - and Greek citizens gather at outdoor taverna's for coffee and conversation. Dinner is still hours away, because like many europeans, they eat quite late. This time of year the weather is getting a spring-like appeal. We're enjoying warm sunshine with cool breezes off the ocean, which makes for a lovely time to sit outdoors at the various tavernas and enjoy an afternoon frappe'. If you'd like to experience this popular … [Read more...]

I Like the Laiki

Laiki Shopping in Greece

One of the best things about Greece is the freshness of the food. Food is brought to the city through the traditional Laiki [Li Kee] - open air farmers markets that magically appear in a new Athens neighborhood each day of the week. The sidewalks suddenly lined with large orange umbrellas shading stacked  crates heaped with jewel colored vegetables, fresh eggs, and fresh fish. A shopper needs a good supply of sturdy bags, and a wheeled cart to carry home the groceries. I've made a market bag or two since I've been here. The Summer Province String Bag is one of my favorites. Being crochet, it's not only sturdy enough to hold a … [Read more...]

A Toymaker in Greece

Beautiful Wooden Tops

Wandering around the flea market in Athens today, I came upon the most interesting fellow! Mr P. is a craftsman who makes wooden toys here in Greece and sells them in the central flea market. He has a simple little folding table piled with the most compelling, brightly stained wooden toys. Mr P. specializes in hand turned wooden tops. He stains them in beautiful reds, blues, golds and greens. He makes little bead festooned strings to wrap around the tops and send them spinning. He was happy to demonstrate all the different types and explained how they worked. "You won't find anything else like this here", he said with a sweeping gesture. "I make these with my own hands. They're my … [Read more...]