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There’s things to love in Prague

old door 2

There isn’t much I run across in my travels that I haven’t seen before in some way shape or form. But Prague managed to surprise me. I may have had some preconceived notions about what to expect from this country, but it taught me a new trick or two. For one, despite all the interesting architecture I’ve seen, Prague still had plenty that wowed me. …read more

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Yarn Shopping in Athens

i love wool sign

With one week before I return to the U.S., I couldn’t leave without sharing a couple of my local yarn stores here in the city of Athens, Greece. There are two yarn stores I’ve enjoyed most. One is the Kangaroo Store – a super crafty little place loaded with supplies for fiber related crafts. On this last visit, they had everything imaginable for …read more

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Frappe’ ?

Greek Frappe' Recipe

  We’ve learned that quiet time here in Greece extends from 2:00 until 5:00 p.m. The afternoon nap time is protected by law in the city of Athens. If you make noise that disturbs your neighbors, you could be given a stiff fine! After 5:00 is coffee time – and Greek citizens gather at outdoor taverna’s for coffee and conversation. Dinner is still …read more

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I Like the Laiki

Laiki Shopping in Greece

  One of the best things about Greece is the freshness of the food. Food is brought to the city through the traditional Laiki [Li Kee] – open air farmers markets that magically appear in a new Athens neighborhood each day of the week. The sidewalks suddenly lined with large orange umbrellas shading stacked  crates heaped with jewel colored …read more

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A Toymaker in Greece

Beautiful Wooden Tops

  Wandering around the flea market in Athens today, I came upon the most interesting fellow! Mr P. is a craftsman who makes wooden toys here in Greece and sells them in the central flea market. He has a simple little folding table piled with the most compelling, brightly stained wooden toys. Mr P. specializes in hand turned wooden tops. He stains …read more

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