Bling your String!

Bling Your String Custom Knitting Stitch Markers

Oh how I love beautiful, dangly, bejeweled stitch markers. At project cast on, I spend as much effort deciding on my stitch markers as I do my yarn. Sliding bright beaded markers across my needles to count my stitches just makes me smile. I'm so impressed with the custom stitch marker sets at Bling your String. Since the creator, Aryn is a part of the Simply Notable Ravelry group, I've seen photos of the beautiful sets she's made for other knitters, which made me ask her if I could feature them here on the blog. Aryn sent me my very own set, designed just for me! I adore them, Aryn.♥ My custom set includes five beaded stitch markers along with one unique stitch marker (to mark the … [Read more...]

Whirling Dervishes

Whirling Dervishes Spindles

Until I went to Istanbuhl last year for a nursing conference, I thought Whirling Dervish was a term used to describe my childhood behavior, as in "Please sit down, you're jumping around like a whirling dervish!" Imagine my surprise when during my explorations in Istanbuhl, I saw signs advertising a performing group of Whirling Dervish! An online search turned up the explanation of the whirling dervish as one who is practicing a religious mediation. I've collected two of my own fibery versions of those meditative whirlers: one  medium and one tiny Threads Thru Time turkish spindles. These are handy little spindles that I've taken quite a shine to. They're … [Read more...]

Easy Lace Blocking by Inspinity

Inspinity Lace Blocking Wires Review

I messaged Rachel of Inspinity to ask her about her blocking wires. Could I try them? I promised I'd give her my opinion and would give a public review of my honest impressions. I received the Deluxe Ultra Fine Lace Blocking Wire Set within a week. I was impressed with the packaging on these. Each wire is ingeniously and neatly looped through a small plastic sleeve about an inch long, then wired with like sizes. All ends are sheathed with small clear plastic tips and packaged in a heavy duty ziplock bag. This is the first time I've used blocking wires. In the past, I've blocked my lace with about a hundred T pins and a straight edge, laboriously measuring out my points from the … [Read more...]