Sock Architecture Book & Giveaway!


Lucky me! I asked Cooperative Press to provide me with a copy of Sock Architecture by Lara Neel to investigate for review. Lucky you! Not only did they promptly do so, they also offered to provide a second e-book for giveaway to our readers! If you're a sock knitter, (or have contemplated becoming one), you know that there's loads of gorgeous sock patterns available. I've knitted many of them and have pattern books filled with more awaiting my attention. When I first started knitting socks, I collected them by the dozen. As I've gotten more pairs under my belt, I've learned that what's more empowering than access to unlimited patterns is the knowledge of how those patterns are created … [Read more...]

Scrappy Sock Ingenuity


My ongoing affection for scrappy projects was recently rekindled when I spied these fabulous Scrappy Happy socks from Andrea of the A Sunny Day for Bluej blog. She shared her project in our Ravelry group and sent me down the best kind of scrappy sock wormhole, searching for more information and how-to's. Andrea used a basic sock pattern and did her own sort of color alchemy to come up with the order of colors. Amazing result! I've knit socks from scraps before with different colors of leftover yarn and wasn't as thrilled with the result. Rather than having an end result that looked shabby chic and scrappilicious...I ended up with an unfortunate sort of thrift store, hobo wear. So … [Read more...]

Even More Afterthought Heels

Thumb Join Afterthought Heel Sock Knitting

In my post First Socks, then Heels, I discussed a bit about the how of afterthought heels, but I didn't really address the why of them, other than to admire that ability to put them in after the rest of the sock is knit. There's a couple more excellent reasons to choose an afterthought heel: When using patterned or self striping yarn, the pattern isn't interrupted by a gusset or short row heel, which gives a very pleasing result. You can knit your heel in a different yarn if you wish. I've seen many socks with a contrasting heel and toe, which allows you to stretch smaller amounts of yarn into socks. An afterthought heel is easily removed and reknit so the … [Read more...]

First Socks, then Heels

Knitting Tube Socks with Afterthought Heels

My Arizona raised Grandgirls are facing their first Utah winter, so their Grandma, that would be me, is hard at work stitching up some quick and easy wool socks to get them through those frosty early morning treks to the bus stop. When you count them and their two little cousins, there are six Grandkids - that's twelve chilly little tootsies that need covering, so I'm working on some easy vanilla socks to keep them cozy. In the process, I've gotten a little lesson in knitting socks with afterthought heels, which I thought I might share with you, Crafty Friends. The great thing about afterthought heels is that they're put in after the fact, which gives you miles of … [Read more...]