The Color Snap App

My Jade Handdyed Yarn

Have you seen Sherwin Williams' iphone/android/blackberry app called Color Snap? What a great tool for creating color combinations! It allows you to snap a picture , then pull colors from that picture to create great color chip combo's of Sherwin Williams' paint colors. You can change the hues, saturation and lightness of each color until you get to a palette that pleases you. As a new dyer, I'm always looking to my environment for color inspiration. With this tool, I can flip through my photos and get a great jumping off point for new colorways in my dyeing. Here's a favorite picture I took of my middle daughter, Jaydin a few months ago. I took a picture of the … [Read more...]

PDF Pattern Management


I'm the first to admit that I'm not the most techy Mom on the block. I get a lot of help from my kids. But I found an app for PDF pattern management that I'm so happy with, I thought I'd share. Like many knitters and crocheters, I find it so convenient to have my needlework patterns in PDF form. For me, the Goodreader application for my ipod touch and ipad has made the process of carrying, accessing and using these patterns about a million times easier. I like it that I actually did stop printing patterns and using up ink and paper. My patterns go right along with me. I can organize them into folders, access my entire Ravelry library wirelessly if I desire and easily … [Read more...]