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Vintage Pique’ Rib Hat

free knitting pattern for vintage pique rib baby hat

  This is the first pattern of a matching hat and sock set for newborns in a classic design. Pique’ rib creates a texture that adds interest to solid yarns. The intersecting purl bumps also break up variegated yarns into interesting little dashes of color.  Happily, the nubby outside texture gives way to a smooth rib inside the hat to …read more

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Protect Your Peepers!

Simply Notable Sunglass Case Tutorial

My husband and I bought some pricey sunglasses before we left for our honeymoon two years ago. I was hoping that a higher price would equal quality and I’ve found that to be true. However, since my over-sized sunglasses do not fit into the protective cases sold in stores, my sunglasses are often tossed into my purse without protection, resulting in …read more

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Pencil Pouch Tutorial

Zippered Pencil Pouch Tutorial by SimplyNotable.com

One good thing about my son being in year round schooling is that I have more time than most parents to think about what I can do for a teacher appreciation gift. Connor’s year of Kindergarten is coming to an end this week so it was time for me to get the gears turning. I wanted to make his teacher something that she could actually use, and something …read more

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Protecting Mom’s Stash

Make a Floral Lavender Sachet Tutorial | SimplyNotable.com

  Mother’s Day is a fun time of year around here. I always have a great time coming up with gift ideas for my Mom. I never have to think too hard – she’s just so easy! She loves little pretty things. Useful or not - if it’s pretty, she loves it. If it’s pretty and handmade, she’s over the moon! This Mother’s Day – and yes, I’m revealing …read more

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Fish Lips Kiss Heel, Oh My!

Fish Lips Kiss Heel, Oh My! | SimplyNotable.com

Here’s another popular idea that’s been burning through the knitting blogosphere for some time….it’s been around awhile, and I’ve taken note each time I heard about it. I guess I just had to hear about it a hundred times before I finally decided to try it myself. :-) This heel was developed by Patty-Joy White,  Sox Therapist on Ravelry. This is …read more

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Key Fob and Lanyard Tutorial

Key Fob and Lanyard Tutorial | SimplyNotable.com

Vendor fairs are in full swing here in Utah. My neighbor recently asked me to join her booth for an upcoming event. I agreed, of course! I got to work quickly, making additional key fob wristlets and a matching lanyard for my credit card swiper. They come together quickly and take minimal fabric. These are great scrap buster projects if you are a scrap …read more

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Wind Up a Magic Ball!

How to Wind Up a Magic Ball | SimplyNotable.com

There’s been some buzz about magic balls on some of the pod casts I watch and listen to lately. Our Simply Notable Ravelry Group even got excited enough about this to create a “Ball of Wonder” Swap where members made up magic balls from their own stash and sent them to one another! I’ve always thought of magic balls as balls of yarn wound up with …read more

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Modern Reversible Fabric Belt Tutorial

Easy Reversible DIY Fabric Belt Tutorial | SimplyNotable.com

Remember these? Me too and they were not pretty! They were usually made of eye searing bright cotton webbing and sported stripes running through the middle. They looked like they were straight out of the…..well, 80s! I guess because they were. ;-) I decided to update these cute little belts with a more modern style. They’re easily customizable, …read more

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Scrappy Mug Rug Tutorial

Scrappy Mug Tutorial | SimplyNotable.com

After recently organizing my sewing room, I came across some fabric scraps from a quilt that my mom made for me a few years ago. The scraps were plentiful enough that I decided to make a few matching mug rugs for the side tables in my living room. Mug rugs are such a great project because not only are they useful to protect furniture, they’re …read more

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i ♥ tawashis

Heart Tawashi Knitting Pattern from Simply Notable!

Tawashi’s are the most adorable sort of pint sized scrubby! Daughter Carli got me started with them when she made me a sweet little apple slice tawashi for a holiday gift. I make them for the kitchen, of course, but also keep a basket handy in the bathroom for makeup removal and facial cleansing. Cast on these little tokens of double thick, …read more

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