Noodlehead Sewing Pattern Review & Giveaway

Noodleheads Road Trip |

If you are a seamstress, chances are you've heard of, seen, or sewn a Noodlehead pattern. If you haven't, I'm pleased to be the one who enlightened you! Anna is an incredibly talented pattern designer. Her designs are not only cute and trendy, the patterns themselves make sense and are easy to follow. She offers loads of free tutorials and her book - Handmade Style is in the works for early next year! I've purchased and sewn two Noodlehead patterns in the last year or so. The Super Tote and the Divided Basket patterns are both useful and clever designs that I'll use over and over. In November, I gifted my mom with the Super Tote for her birthday. I figured it would be … [Read more...]

Scrappy Sock Ingenuity


My ongoing affection for scrappy projects was recently rekindled when I spied these fabulous Scrappy Happy socks from Andrea of the A Sunny Day for Bluej blog. She shared her project in our Ravelry group and sent me down the best kind of scrappy sock wormhole, searching for more information and how-to's. Andrea used a basic sock pattern and did her own sort of color alchemy to come up with the order of colors. Amazing result! I've knit socks from scraps before with different colors of leftover yarn and wasn't as thrilled with the result. Rather than having an end result that looked shabby chic and scrappilicious...I ended up with an unfortunate sort of thrift store, hobo wear. So … [Read more...]

Mini Almost Lost Washcloth Knitting Pattern

The Mini Almost Lost Washcloth Free Knitting Pattern |

I've discovered a very resourceful knitter who modified the Almost Lost Washcloth pattern into the most clever little makeup removal cloths. If you make washcloths or dishcloths, I'll bet you have plenty of cotton yarn leftovers that are just waiting to be transformed into these. I also think her modifications are written in such a way as to clarify the "knit back" on the Almost Lost Washcloth Pattern - so may be helpful to those of you who continue to find that confusing. Once you've done a couple, these are a snap to memorize, so you can whip them up anywhere - even without the instructions in front of you! Special thanks to Sandy, who graciously agreed to share her modifications on … [Read more...]

Featured: Designer – DrFrankKnits

fighter jets

I had to do two double-takes when I first spied DrFrankKnits creations. Are those knitted? Why yes - yes they are! These little 3D gizmo's are phenomenal! I was both tickled and inspired when I happened upon the creative inventions found on her blog - From the Needles of DrFrankKnits.  The Free Pattern Friday feature will keep me coming back for more! I couldn't resist contacting this inventive designer to get the scoop on her ingenuity: DrFrankKnits - We're so inspired by your playful sense of design! Where do you get your inspiration? "The inspiration for my designs comes from everywhere – literally! I consider myself a sort of sculptor, and like a sculptor, my … [Read more...]

Will Spin for Coffee!

Spinning Yarn for Coffee Cozy |

Sometimes I find that spinning an entire braid of fiber becomes a chore and my bobbins fill up with unfinished singles that I'm tired of spinning. At times like these, it's refreshing to break out my spindles and spin up a small project. A fast little color fix fits my mood this week and I took the opportunity to spin up some yarn for small projects - coffee cozies. Even though winter is waning, my coffee needs to stay warm all year long! Our Pick a Pocket Cozy is a great project for a beginning spinner. Depending on your gauge, you'll need about 50 yards of finished yarn. I calculated that I used 45 yards of my completed sport weight yarn to make the cozy on size 3.25 mm … [Read more...]

Fish Lips Kiss Heel, Oh My!

Fish Lips Kiss Heel, Oh My! |

Here's another popular idea that's been burning through the knitting blogosphere for some's been around awhile, and I've taken note each time I heard about it. I guess I just had to hear about it a hundred times before I finally decided to try it myself. This heel was developed by Patty-Joy White,  Sox Therapist on Ravelry. This is not only a heel - it's an entire sizing system for sock knitters. The 1 dollar price tag is remarkable, because the pattern is 16 pages long, and full of empowering information for the sock knitter. With this pattern, a shoebox and a sharpie, the majority of your sock knitting problems could be history. And if I'm any judge, you may … [Read more...]

Magic Knitting

Knitting Using a Magic Ball |

I received a beautiful magic ball when our Simply Notable Ravelry Group had a magic ball swap last January. My partner had made up a wondrous magic ball of superwash sock weight leftovers in gorgeous hues. I searched patterns for awhile with a certain amount of indecision because I wanted to show off the interesting and colorful interplay of the joined scraps. I wanted to pay homage to the super scrappiness of the magic ball, you might say. I finally settled on Diving In by Mam'zelle Flo, which actually is a recipe for knitting a shallow shawl on the bias rather than a full fledged pattern. It doesn't get any easier than this. I was lulled into a sort of knitting nirvana by … [Read more...]

Grow your Forest!

Simply Notable Christmas Tree Free Knitting Pattern

Your scrappy little forest of Pint Sized Pines, that is! It's that time of year to think about adding to your holiday decorations. So break out the scrap basket and stitch up some of these fun little firs. Our Pint Sized Pines can be made using up small amounts of leftover yarn and recycled wine corks.  There's actually two patterns - one for the taller twisted tree which works well with heavier yarns, and the smaller double cabled tree, so perfect for small amounts of sock yarn. Knit in the round on 2.25mm to 3.0mm double pointed needles, or on a long circular if you're handy with magic loop. You can make just a few, or maybe, like us, you won't want to stop until you've knitted an … [Read more...]

Magic Corkshrooms

Another great free knitting pattern from Simply Notable - Magic Corkshrooms!

Transform your leftover fingering and sport weight yarn bits into whimsical little Toadstools to decorate your world. Knit in the round on double pointed needles, they come to life quickly, just like those that spring up in the wild! ♥ Materials: Small Amounts of Fingering to Sport Weight Yarn Size 2.25 mm needles (double points or circular needle for magic loop) Stitches: C4f - put next 2 stitches on cable needle and hold to front of work. Knit next 2 stitches, then knit 2 stitches from cable needle. C4b - put next 2 stitches on cable needle and hold to back of work. Knit next 2 stitches, then knit 2 stitches from cable needle. Instructions: co 15 stitches, join to knit in … [Read more...]

The Almost Lost Washcloth Pattern

Almost Lost Washcloth Knitting Pattern - Gorgeous!

On my last visit, my Mom in law gave me a most welcome gift: a generous stack of hand-knit washcloths! Not only were they plentiful, they were lofty and thirsty, in a perfect size, round and scalloped. When I asked which pattern she used, she said it was one a former neighbor had given her. She wasn't sure she even still had it.  I offered to help look for it, maybe a trifle bit too desperately. "Where did you have it last? When did you last see it?", I interrogated her. "'s around here somewhere", she said mildly, and when it wasn't close at hand she asked, "Do you really need it?" "YES!", I exclaimed, going quickly into spoiled brat mode. "I adore these. … [Read more...]