Grass Hair Buddies

Grass Hair Buddy Kid Craft by

My sister was recently in charge of an activity for her daughter's 1st grade class.  With a VERY limited budget she created these adorable little grass hair buddies.  In the spirit of spring and the positive reaction from the kiddos in the class, I wanted to share this fun idea with all of you! Step One- Gather supplies, you will need: potting soil, grass seeds, 3 oz. white bathroom cups, scissors, water, and two 8½X11 inch full sheet label paper.  (You can use any type of grass seeds, I purchased cat grass which is the same as wheat grass.) Step 2- Let the children pick out a set of eyes and a mouth and cut them out. You can find fun facial … [Read more...]

Scrapbook Paper Wreath

Kids will love making this scrapbook paper wreath. You can make one for every season for a fraction of the cost of a ready made one. This would make a great classroom gift too! | #wreath #paperwreath #halloween

Before I became obsessed with fabric, my first love was scrapbook paper. I loved making holiday scrapbook pages especially, so I have stacks and stacks of winter and fall paper in my craft room. Even though I haven’t scrapbooked in quite some time, I still catch myself eyeballing the paper at the craft stores! At my last job, the unit secretary was a scrapbooker too. She always had lovely homemade paper items in the office. She once displayed a paper wreath on the door of the commander's office. I fell in love when I saw it!  She gave me these easy to follow directions. If you, too, love scrapbook paper you will love making this wreath! It's an easy and affordable craft that you can … [Read more...]

Easy Paper Strip Pumpkin Craft

Paper table pumpkins inspired by

Nothing says fall more than pumpkins!  This week Simply Notable is sharing different ways to make your own variation of table pumpkins.  This particular pumpkin is made from paper and is easy and fun for kids to make.   You will need: 8.5 x 11 inch paper (green and orange), brads, glue stick, hole punch, stapler, and scissors or paper cutter. Start by cutting the paper length-wise into eight ½ inch strips or six 1 inch strips for a chunkier pumpkin. Cutting paper into equal strips is a great exercise to improve fine motor skills, so let the kiddos go to town! Layer the strips one on top of another until a circle is formed. Next, Staple the … [Read more...]

Sharpie Tie Dye

Mess Free Tie Dye With Markers! |

I don't remember ever having such fun and clever activities in my high school years, but my oldest daughter, Stormi sure has some fun! This weekend was the Morp dance. For those as confused as I - Morp is Prom backwards and is a casual dance for juniors and seniors. The kids form groups and get started early in the day with "day activities" before the dance. These typically consist of some fun activity - a craft, movie, or something similar. Then they have dinner and go to the dance together. I hosted one of their day activities for the Morp dance. Her group of friends and their respective dates came over and tie dyed plain white t-shirts that … [Read more...]

DIY Snow Globe!


When the weather outside is frightful, I have to find creative ways to keep my children entertained.  No more sending them off into the backyard to play.  You know it's winter time at our house when the playroom is destroyed and I'm singing the theme songs to all the Disney channel cartoons.  It nice to have some craft ideas on hand when the TV guilt starts to wear on me. I was recently inspired by a photo I saw of a mason jar snow globe and thought it'd be fun to try to making my own.  I did a little research and will share with you my findings on how to successfully make one for yourself! I invited my 4 year old to join in on the fun starting with picking … [Read more...]

Frosty the Snow Gift?


A Snowman Kit! I don't know about you but making snowmen was my specialty when I was kid.  It is one of the first things you learn to do when you are from a snowy climate.  My siblings and I would always scrap together anything we could find for our snowman's face, arms, and clothes.  It would make my Mom crazy when we couldn't find our gloves and scarves knowing that we had used them on our snowmen and we probably wouldn't recover them until spring. Last year my sister gave me a snowman kit at our family holiday party.  My 3-year old at the time was so excited when it started to snow because he knew it was time to get out the snowman kit.  I loved this idea … [Read more...]

Preserving Garlic and DIY Seasoning!

DIY Preserving Garlic - Make Garlic Powder, Minced Garlic or Garlic Salt!

You may remember my recent post, Easy Herb Preserving where I showed you how I preserve fresh basil and other herbs in olive oil. Having herbs from my garden year round is how I add big flavor to home-cooked meals and my family loves it. Preserving garlic takes a bit more preparation, since the individual cloves need to be peeled. I spent almost all day peeling cloves of garlic one by one. Normally, when I cook with them, I typically throw out the little cloves. Although I hate being wasteful, those tiny little cloves are not exactly worth my time peeling when I'm working to get several tablespoons of minced garlic into a pot quickly. But today I even peeled those little ones! … [Read more...]

Reward Jar!


My 3 year old is typically an eager helper when it comes to anything I'm doing around the house.  Letting him jump in on the mopping or dish washing is not my idea of a good time and often makes an even larger mess.  I did NOT however, want to pass up my opportunity to teach him task-oriented chores or discourage him from learning responsibility.  Together we came up with a system that allows him to contribute to the household and helps him feel like he’s a part of the family team. Although the jobs are not always done to my standards, I remind myself that it doesn’t really matter because the pay off in years to come will outlast the imperfections … [Read more...]

Dyed Easter Egg Roll

DIY Marbleized Egg Dying With Shaving Cream

When I sewed baby items for a living, I sometimes dyed my fabric using shaving cream and fiber reactive dyes.  The swirly/marble-ized effect was so unique and pretty! Last year we had fun dyeing our imprinted Easter eggs with onion skins, but this year I wanted to try something completely different. It occurred to me that if my marbled fabric was pretty, marbled eggs would be even better! I had to try it! I started by soaking my eggs in full strength white vinegar for a few minutes each so that the food coloring would be more vibrant. While the eggs were being vinegar-ized, I filled the bottom of a shallow baking pan with about 1/2 inch of … [Read more...]

An Egg-cellent Pinata

Homemade pinatas

I remember learning to make piñata's in grade school and thought it would be a fun addition to our family's annual Easter get together. While very patiently watching it dry, my son Corey has asked, "Can I hit the piñata now?", at least 30 times .This is one egg that every kid would love to crack open! To make one at your house, you'll need: Newspaper 1 large latex party balloon tissue paper #2 pencil white craft glue craft wire flour and water. Cut your newspaper into thin strips. It's a good idea to lay down plastic or paper to protect your work surface. In a bowl mix equal parts of flour and water.  I used 1.5 cups flour and 1.5 … [Read more...]