Easy Moroccan Shaped Paper Ornament!

Moroccan Shaped Paper Ornament by Simplynotable.com

  When decorating the tree this year I found myself yelling at my 3 and 5 year old kids because I was concerned about them breaking the ornaments that my husband has been collecting his entire life, as gifts from his Grandma.  Putting up the tree was one of my fondest memories growing up, and I was ruining it for my little ones with my cautious approach.  I was "The Christmas Tree GRINCH". I'm sure if you have kids, especially small ones, you have been in a similar situation.  I recently saw a joke going around social media with a photo of a tree beautifully decorated totally fenced in by a bunch of baby gates and barbed wire.  We've all been there! I … [Read more...]

Paint Swatch Paper Ornament!

Easy paint swatch ornament by simplynotable.com

Tis the season to save money, so why not create a paint swatch paper ornament?  This fun craft is perfect for the kids to help put together and very inexpensive considering paint swatches are FREE! Much like many of you, I had a few left over from a project I had completed. You will need: Step 1- Glue 2 green paint swatches back to back ensuring the colors on both sides match. Step 2- Starting in the middle, hand cut a tree shape on one side of the swatch.  If you are crafting with a little one, you can trace a line onto the paper for them to cut out. Step 3- Take the piece you cut off the other side, flip it over and trace it onto the … [Read more...]

Reversible Holiday Table Runner Tutorial

This quilted table runner is reversible so you can use it for several months a year! It is a fat quarter friendly project that can be made in a day. It's an adorable solution to holiday decorating.| SimplyNotable.com

Have your tried out our Scrappy Mug Rug pattern yet? If so, I challenge you to make a larger version into a reversible table runner. This table runner is no more difficult than the mug rugs. By making it reversible, you will be able to use the same table runner for several months a year. I made a Fall/Halloween version but you could easily make one for other holidays as well. Some ideas include Christmas (or Kwanzaa or Hanukkah)/Winter, Spring/Easter, Easter/St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day/Easter… you get the idea. What you’ll need: 5-7 fat quarters for each side* 1/4- 1/3 yard for binding* Batting to fit your selected table runner size *The number of fabrics and amount of … [Read more...]

DIY Snow Globe!


When the weather outside is frightful, I have to find creative ways to keep my children entertained.  No more sending them off into the backyard to play.  You know it's winter time at our house when the playroom is destroyed and I'm singing the theme songs to all the Disney channel cartoons.  It nice to have some craft ideas on hand when the TV guilt starts to wear on me. I was recently inspired by a photo I saw of a mason jar snow globe and thought it'd be fun to try to making my own.  I did a little research and will share with you my findings on how to successfully make one for yourself! I invited my 4 year old to join in on the fun starting with picking … [Read more...]

Christmas Magic Gift Tag


Every year I say I am going to do something for Christmas that I wish I'd managed to accomplish the year before.  The story is always the same - I wish I would have started shopping or crafting my gifts earlier, I wish I would have started my baking earlier, I wish I'd done my grocery shopping before Christmas Eve for Christmas dinner, etc. etc. One of the things on my "I wish I would have" list from last year was... I wish I would have made a cute gift tag instead of scrawling messy To's: and From's with a sharpie right on the wrapping paper of my hastily wrapped gifts. I was determined this year to do better, so when I was brainstorming my … [Read more...]

Stack up a YoYo Folk Angel

DIY Yo-Yo Angel Christmas Ornament - so cute!

Here's another scrappy little project to transform your favorite fabric scraps into sweet little folk angels to hang on your tree. Colorful and folksy, they'll add the perfect touch to a special package, wreath, or holiday mantel display. To make your angel's head - draw two eyes on a 1" wooden bead. You can give your angel rosy cheeks by rubbing a cotton swab on powdered eye shadow or blush and rubbing it in a circle below and to the outside of each eye: Bringing out the scrap basket and selecting patterns and colors is the best part! Cut your selected scraps into circles, using a circle template about 4 - 5 " in diameter. I traced around an upturned … [Read more...]

Pretty Burlap Garland Tutorial

DIY Burlap Christmas Tree Garland! Easy Tutorial!

I was recently impressed by the most uniquely decorated holiday tree! So rustic and natural - it's limbs were hugged by a ruffled burlap garland! You know me - once I had it in my head, I couldn't rest until I'd figured out how to make this garland for my own tree! It's a WIP for now, a work in progress,  but here's a little tutorial to show you how to make your own! I cut my burlap strips along the width of the fabric, and here's an awesome tutorial from The Barefoot Seamstress  on how to cut burlap completely straight. I cut each strip 4 inches wide, but you can cut your strips any size you'd like to obtain that … [Read more...]

Frosty the Snow Gift?


A Snowman Kit! I don't know about you but making snowmen was my specialty when I was kid.  It is one of the first things you learn to do when you are from a snowy climate.  My siblings and I would always scrap together anything we could find for our snowman's face, arms, and clothes.  It would make my Mom crazy when we couldn't find our gloves and scarves knowing that we had used them on our snowmen and we probably wouldn't recover them until spring. Last year my sister gave me a snowman kit at our family holiday party.  My 3-year old at the time was so excited when it started to snow because he knew it was time to get out the snowman kit.  I loved this idea … [Read more...]

Grow your Forest!

Simply Notable Christmas Tree Free Knitting Pattern

Your scrappy little forest of Pint Sized Pines, that is! It's that time of year to think about adding to your holiday decorations. So break out the scrap basket and stitch up some of these fun little firs. Our Pint Sized Pines can be made using up small amounts of leftover yarn and recycled wine corks.  There's actually two patterns - one for the taller twisted tree which works well with heavier yarns, and the smaller double cabled tree, so perfect for small amounts of sock yarn. Knit in the round on 2.25mm to 3.0mm double pointed needles, or on a long circular if you're handy with magic loop. You can make just a few, or maybe, like us, you won't want to stop until you've knitted an … [Read more...]

DIY Christmas Advent Calendar Bunting

DIY Bunting Advent Calendar Tutorial. Cute!

Remember those little cardboard advent calenders that you open a little door each day and take out a little piece of yummy chocolate candy? As a child it was such a fun way to count down days until Christmas. Since I admire those trendy buntings I see online so much, I decided to make a little bunting advent calendar for my girls to count down to the big day with. Each flag is a little pocket that will hold different flavors of chocolate kisses - you can place any little item you'd like in the pockets though - maybe activity slips to excite them, such as "Ice Skating Tonight!" The actual making of this calendar is a little bit time consuming, but it's simple and so … [Read more...]