Colorwork Cup Coziness


Why why why have I been so afraid of colorwork? I took the plunge and cast on to give it a try, using Ohdessa's Three Colorwork Coffee Sleeves pattern. I jumped right in with the five color snowflake and it came together in just a few hours! Doesn't my cup look cozy? :-) I modified the pattern by using fingering weight yarn scraps on 2.25mm dpn's.  I simply cast on 72 rather than 60 stitches to start. I was rather surprised to note how little yarn it used. Several of my colors were just mini skeins and it hardly made a dent in them! I was rather a fumble fingers - unable to knit with both hands, I just untangled my yarn as I went, changing colors every other stitch in some … [Read more...]

Colorwork Tips


Carli is in the process of moving household and family to a different state, so in her absense over the next week or so, I'll pinch hit with some extra knitting posts. When I was gathering how to's and tips on knitting with colorwork, I started by looking at the instructions for the pretty free patterns I'd found on Ravelry. I picked Odessa's Three Colorwork Coffee Sleeves because of how pretty they are, but when I went to download the pattern, I was thrilled to find two posts with detailed stranded knitting instructions on her Ohdessa Knits blog. The specific posts are: Colorwork Charts and a Free Pattern and Holding all that Yarn, which is a wonderfully detailed … [Read more...]