Distressed Chevron Wooden Growth Chart

DIY Wooden Chevron Growth Chart Tutorial | SimplyNotable.com

The weather is getting so nice here in Northern Utah, it only makes sense for Emily and I to put away the sewing machines and play out in the garage for a bit. Emily was inspired by the recent cute growth charts she'd spotted on pinterest, and came up with a modern twist on them to go with her decor. I admired her finished chevron wooden growth chart so much, I asked her to help me make one for my home.  You will need: 1 piece of  1" X  8" X 6 foot piece of board (I got mine from my local hardware store for just over $6) Painters tape Simply Notable's Chevron Pattern Paint Package of 2" vinyl numbers (or a stencil if you prefer). Stain of your … [Read more...]

A Toymaker in Greece

Beautiful Wooden Tops

Wandering around the flea market in Athens today, I came upon the most interesting fellow! Mr P. is a craftsman who makes wooden toys here in Greece and sells them in the central flea market. He has a simple little folding table piled with the most compelling, brightly stained wooden toys. Mr P. specializes in hand turned wooden tops. He stains them in beautiful reds, blues, golds and greens. He makes little bead festooned strings to wrap around the tops and send them spinning. He was happy to demonstrate all the different types and explained how they worked. "You won't find anything else like this here", he said with a sweeping gesture. "I make these with my own hands. They're my … [Read more...]

Adam’s Mirror

Adams mirror3

My stepson Adam is a creative sort. Not only does he create things for his work as a mechanical engineer, he does so in his time off as well. As a newcomer to woodworking, he's already made some special pieces - including a one of a kind handcrafted photo frame that we received from him at Christmas. When Adam sent me some photos of his latest project, I knew I had to feature it here. Adam's hallway mirror is framed with small turning blocks that are commonly used to make pens.  The dimensions of the blocks are typically ¾” x ¾” x 6” but they almost all vary a little giving the mirror an edge with varying height of pieces.  These were rough … [Read more...]

Guest Blogger: Max’s Garden Shed Construction

Build Your Own Cottage Shed

Well Hello There Simply Notable Fans! I'm Alex, Son/Brother to Mom/Carli, but everyone calls me "Max." I've always been intrigued by the little crafty things Mom and Carli have been making over the years. However, knitting, sewing, and crocheting have never been my thing. Admittedly, I've never tried, but I'll stick to what I know.. Hammers, wrenches, drills and circular saws! I asked Carli awhile back how I could help with Simply Notable, and her response was "Make something!" Well, I did. On with the show! Last year Emily and I moved into our home in Illinois, and we immediately got to work changing, well, everything! Our house is at the top of a very large hill, so it is … [Read more...]