Be Fearless

  When it comes to spinning  - experimentation is the rule for me these days. I've been taking the time to explore different methods and to play with color. I've had some help and inspiration with a new spinning resource: PLY magazine by spinner extraordinaire - Jacey Boggs. This is a compendium of spinning know-how that has sent my little more

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Reusable Snack Bags

  It never fails - 9:00 pm and my kids tell me they have run out of ziplock bags for tomorrow's lunch. Same at your house? Enough is enough - I decided to try my hand at making reusable snack bags. Today is the day I free myself from throwaway plastic bags and join the reusable snack bag revolution! <grin> Materials you need for more

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Simply Basics: Binding a Quilt

  I’m often asked how to finish quilts and mug rugs. There are actually several methods for binding, and it is really up to the seamstress to decide the best method to use for their project. Available methods are: Machine stitch binding to the front of the quilt/mug rug and then finish by hand stitching it to the back. Machine stitch more

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Old chair gets new love!

One of my favorite activities is visiting second-hand stores in search of hidden treasures. This chair originally looked pretty forlorn, collecting dust in a small thrift store I happened upon during one such expedition.  When I asked the price, the storekeeper told me it hadn't been priced yet.  I offered to pay $5.00, and to my surprise she more

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Will Spin for Coffee!

Sometimes I find that spinning an entire braid of fiber becomes a chore and my bobbins fill up with unfinished singles that I'm tired of spinning. At times like these, it's refreshing to break out my spindles and spin up a small project. A fast little color fix fits my mood this week and I took the opportunity to spin up some yarn for small projects more

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Protecting Mom’s Stash

  Mother's Day is a fun time of year around here. I always have a great time coming up with gift ideas for my Mom. I never have to think too hard - she's just so easy! She loves little pretty things. Useful or not - if it's pretty, she loves it. If it's pretty and handmade, she's over the moon! This Mother's Day - and yes, I'm revealing more

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A Pampered Puppy Shower

Few days will be more important in my niece Jaci’s life than the day she received her diabetic alert dog, Nova. About one and a half years after being diagnosed as a Type 1 Diabetic, Jaci received her puppy from Tattle Tail Scent Dogs. The danger with insulin-dependent diabetes is dangerous swings in levels of blood sugar that can be life threatening. Since more

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Fantastic Fiery Shrimp Appetizer!

Do you like shrimp?  According to my small survey among friends and family, only 1/3 of people like shrimp.  I simply couldn't wrap my head around it, so I concluded that they just have not had it cooked for them properly.  I made this appetizer and was pleasantly surprised how even non-shrimp eaters thought it was delicious.  Victory is mine! more

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Fish Lips Kiss Heel, Oh My!

Here's another popular idea that's been burning through the knitting blogosphere for some's been around awhile, and I've taken note each time I heard about it. I guess I just had to hear about it a hundred times before I finally decided to try it myself. :-) This heel was developed by Patty-Joy White,  Sox Therapist on Ravelry. This is more

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Key Fob and Lanyard Tutorial

Vendor fairs are in full swing here in Utah. My neighbor recently asked me to join her booth for an upcoming event. I agreed, of course! I got to work quickly, making additional key fob wristlets and a matching lanyard for my credit card swiper. They come together quickly and take minimal fabric. These are great scrap buster projects if you are a scrap more

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