A Pampered Puppy Shower

Few days will be more important in my niece Jaci’s life than the day she received her diabetic alert dog, Nova. About one and a half years after being diagnosed as a Type 1 Diabetic, Jaci received her puppy from Tattle Tail Scent Dogs. The danger with insulin-dependent diabetes is dangerous swings in levels of blood sugar that can be life threatening. Since ...read more

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Fantastic Fiery Shrimp Appetizer!

Do you like shrimp?  According to my small survey among friends and family, only 1/3 of people like shrimp.  I simply couldn't wrap my head around it, so I concluded that they just have not had it cooked for them properly.  I made this appetizer and was pleasantly surprised how even non-shrimp eaters thought it was delicious.  Victory is mine!  ...read more

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Fish Lips Kiss Heel, Oh My!

Here's another popular idea that's been burning through the knitting blogosphere for some time....it's been around awhile, and I've taken note each time I heard about it. I guess I just had to hear about it a hundred times before I finally decided to try it myself. :-) This heel was developed by Patty-Joy White,  Sox Therapist on Ravelry. This is ...read more

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Key Fob and Lanyard Tutorial

Vendor fairs are in full swing here in Utah. My neighbor recently asked me to join her booth for an upcoming event. I agreed, of course! I got to work quickly, making additional key fob wristlets and a matching lanyard for my credit card swiper. They come together quickly and take minimal fabric. These are great scrap buster projects if you are a scrap ...read more

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Quickie Graham Cracker Treats

  Okay, busy Mom's - I'm going to let you in on a very clever, amazingly easy, last minute rescue treat recipe that has saved my bacon more than once! You know those times when your darling little one remembers to tell you at bedtime that you've been assigned to provide treats for 30 kids the following day? Well, here's your salvation. Keep ...read more

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H 2 Outstanding!

Are you following a resolution for the new year for better health? Weight loss? Cleaner eating? Me too! If you're focusing on better body practices, you just can't go wrong with increasing your water intake. Especially if that means decreasing or cutting out sugary beverages! My husband and I visited St. Lucia last year for our anniversary.  ...read more

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Magic Knitting

I received a beautiful magic ball when our Simply Notable Ravelry group had a magic ball swap last January. My partner had made up a wondrous magic ball of superwash sock weight leftovers in gorgeous hues. I searched patterns for awhile with a certain amount of indecision because I wanted to show off the interesting and colorful interplay of ...read more

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Hello Spring!

Spring has arrived in our part of the country (or at least that’s what my allergies are telling me). In an effort to welcome it officially, I asked the ladies of Simply Notable to share a project that said "Hello" to the awakening of Spring. Some of us brought a pop of color into our homes, and others kick started their garden inspiration.  Here ...read more

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Sharpie Tie Dye

I don't remember ever having such fun and clever activities in my high school years, but my oldest daughter, Stormi sure has some fun! This weekend was the Morp dance. For those as confused as I - Morp is Prom backwards and is a casual dance for juniors and seniors. The kids form groups and get started early in the day with "day activities" ...read more

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Incredible Gluten Free Indian Chicken Tikka Masala!

Growing up in Utah, I had always been a meat and potatoes, and of course green jello and casserole kind of gal.  In my early 20's I packed up and moved to San Francisco, California.  I had no idea at the time that this journey would develop my love for many delightful authentic ethnic foods and be the start of my culinary exploration.  San Francisco=culinary ...read more

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