Pencil Pouch Tutorial

One good thing about my son being in year round schooling is that I have more time than most parents to think about what I can do for a teacher appreciation gift. Connor’s year of Kindergarten is coming to an end this week so it was time for me to get the gears turning. I wanted to make his teacher something that she could actually use, and something more

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Earl’s Mouthwatering Beef Brisket

There are just 3 things you need to know about Earl. 1- He is my best friend's Dad 2- He makes hands down the best brisket 3- He shared his recipe with me and now I'm going to share it with you. Why be selfish with a recipe which can only be described as love on a plate? Brisket is a cut of meat from the breast or lower chest of a cow. more

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Bedazzle your Spinning!

Spinning with beads is such jazzy, dazzling fun. All those pretty glass baubles catching the light and making your handspun extra special! I get that you can string beads onto thread or yarn and ply it with handspun to get the effect, but always wondered how you'd accomplish it with singles. I recently investigated and gave it a trial run. It was more

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Distressed Chevron Wooden Growth Chart

  The weather is getting so nice here in Northern Utah, it only makes sense for Emily and I to put away the sewing machines and play out in the garage for a bit. Emily was inspired by the recent cute growth charts she'd spotted on pinterest, and came up with a modern twist on them to go with her decor. I admired her finished chevron wooden more

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Chalk Paint: Is It Worth the Hype?

We hope you liked Cindee's cute Old Chair redo. It must be the nice weather because Cindee, Carli, and I have all begun furniture redo projects lately. Repainting furniture with chalk paint has been a big trend on Pinterest. I have heard that chalk paint will stick to everything and that it provides a durable finish. In fact, my neighbor repaints more

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Fruit salad with a twist!

Summer is quickly approaching which means the farmer's markets are opening and delicious fruit is hitting the local markets for a much more reasonable price.  This fruit salad is to die for!!!  It is simple to put together and is sure to please EVERYONE, even the pickiest toddlers. You will need: fruit, limes or lemons, honey (agave or sugar more

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Be Fearless

  When it comes to spinning  - experimentation is the rule for me these days. I've been taking the time to explore different methods and to play with color. I've had some help and inspiration with a new spinning resource: PLY magazine by spinner extraordinaire - Jacey Boggs. This is a compendium of spinning know-how that has sent my little more

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Reusable Snack Bags Sewing Pattern Tutorial

  It never fails - 9:00 pm and my kids tell me they have run out of ziplock bags for tomorrow's lunch. Same at your house? Enough is enough - I decided to try my hand at making reusable snack bags. Today is the day I free myself from throwaway plastic bags and join the reusable snack bag revolution! <grin> Materials you need for more

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Simply Basics: Binding a Quilt

  I’m often asked how to finish quilts and mug rugs. There are actually several methods for binding, and it is really up to the seamstress to decide the best method to use for their project. Available methods are: Machine stitch binding to the front of the quilt/mug rug and then finish by hand stitching it to the back. Machine stitch more

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Old chair gets new love!

One of my favorite activities is visiting second-hand stores in search of hidden treasures. This chair originally looked pretty forlorn, collecting dust in a small thrift store I happened upon during one such expedition.  When I asked the price, the storekeeper told me it hadn't been priced yet.  I offered to pay $5.00, and to my surprise she more

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