Almost Lost Washcloth Crochet Pattern

The Almost Lost Washcloth goes Crochet!

We've had so many requests for a pattern that replicates our popular knitted Almost Lost Washcloth in crochet, that I was thrilled when Ann of the Glamour4You blog contacted me and asked if such a pattern existed. When I shared that many of our readers had requested a crochet version, she stepped up to the task and created the Circle Point Washcloth - a free pattern! I love this … [Read More...]



Increase, Decrease

I just received a review copy of Increase, Decrease - 99 Step by Step Methods by Judith Durant from Storey Publishing and I am absolutely floored! I answer multiple questions each and every week … [Read More...]

white pen postcards

Handmade Postcards

Quality mail, you know, something besides bills,  makes me extraordinarily happy, so I've decided to start sending, (and hopefully receiving), handmade postcards. Postcards are inexpensive to … [Read More...]

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Grass Hair Buddy Kid Craft by

Grass Hair Buddies

My sister was recently in charge of an activity for her daughter's 1st grade class.  With a VERY limited budget she created these adorable little grass hair buddies.  In the spirit of spring … [Read More...]

Simple Tutorial to add polka dots to your knitting! |

Polka Dot Your Knitting!

What could possibly be more fun than polka dots? Needle felting is an easy way to add a touch of dottiness to your knitting. I added polka dots to my popular Tea Toters pattern, but you can do it on … [Read More...]


Journal Like an Artist

When I talk about keeping a sketchbook, I often get the response, "No - I can't draw!" But keeping a sketchbook isn't only about drawing skills, (which incidentally are known to improve the more you … [Read More...]


Knitting Abbreviations

Based on the questions I've been getting, it seems there's loads of new knitters out there, puzzling through the learning process of pattern reading. I can so relate to the frustration a new knitter … [Read More...]

Learning to Weave |

Three ways to learn to weave

Just in case I don't quite have enough hobbies yet, I've begun to learn to weave on a rigid heddle loom. That's the thing about the fiber arts - there's so many interesting directions to go in that … [Read More...]

10 Easy Easter Basket Fillers by

10 Easy Easter Basket Fillers

Life has gotten hectic for me lately. I almost forgot that Easter is NEXT WEEKEND!!  I'm sure I am not alone in my last minute crafting. Here is a collection of 10 easy Easter basket … [Read More...]

Foxy Gift Bag by

Foxy gift bags with free template!

The price of gifts bags seem to cost as much as a gift now-a-days.  Using a coupon at my local craft store, I was able to buy a 12-pack of brown gift bags totaling about $.35 cents a piece. … [Read More...]