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Key Fob and Lanyard Tutorial

Key Fob and Lanyard Tutorial |

Vendor fairs are in full swing here in Utah. My neighbor recently asked me to join her booth for an upcoming event. I agreed, of course! I got to work quickly, making additional key fob wristlets and a matching lanyard for my credit card swiper. They come together quickly and take minimal fabric. These are great scrap buster projects if you are a scrap …read more

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Hello Spring!

Hello Spring Plant Marker by

Spring has arrived in our part of the country (or at least that’s what my allergies are telling me). In an effort to welcome it officially, I asked the ladies of Simply Notable to share a project that said ”Hello” to the awakening of Spring. Some of us brought a pop of color into our homes, and others kick started their garden inspiration.  Here …read more

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Modern Reversible Fabric Belt Tutorial

Easy Reversible DIY Fabric Belt Tutorial |

Remember these? Me too and they were not pretty! They were usually made of eye searing bright cotton webbing and sported stripes running through the middle. They looked like they were straight out of the…..well, 80s! I guess because they were. ;-) I decided to update these cute little belts with a more modern style. They’re easily customizable, …read more

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Scrappy Mug Rug Tutorial

Scrappy Mug Tutorial |

After recently organizing my sewing room, I came across some fabric scraps from a quilt that my mom made for me a few years ago. The scraps were plentiful enough that I decided to make a few matching mug rugs for the side tables in my living room. Mug rugs are such a great project because not only are they useful to protect furniture, they’re …read more

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Top 12 Tools for the Beginner Quilter

Top 12 tools for the beginning quilter! Great post for new quilters!

On a recent trip to the fabric store, I overheard two women discussing what might be needed to try out rag quilting. Since I can rarely pass up an opportunity to talk quilting, I soon found myself playing “quilting tour guide”, showing them the supplies they’d need in order to give it a try. This made me realize that there’s likely plenty of …read more

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Stack up a YoYo Folk Angel

DIY Yo-Yo Angel Christmas Ornament - so cute!

  Here’s another scrappy little project to transform your favorite fabric scraps into sweet little folk angels to hang on your tree. Colorful and folksy, they’ll add the perfect touch to a special package, wreath, or holiday mantel display. To make your angel’s head – draw two eyes on a 1″ wooden bead. You can give your angel rosy …read more

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DIY Christmas Advent Calendar Bunting

DIY Bunting Advent Calendar Tutorial. Cute!

  Remember those little cardboard advent calenders that you open a little door each day and take out a little piece of yummy chocolate candy? As a child it was such a fun way to count down days until Christmas. Since I admire those trendy buntings I see online so much, I decided to make a little bunting advent calendar for my girls to count …read more

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Holiday Hand Warmers and Printable Gift Tag!


  With the autumn days winging by, we’re fast approaching the season of giving. In my neighborhood, the giving generally involves deliciously gooey baked goods or candy. I have a sweet tooth as much as the next gal, but by mid-December I’m good and tired of trying to dodge the gifted sweets threatening the 10 pounds it’s taken me a year to lose! So, …read more

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Short Sleeves to Long!

DIY Convert Short Sleeves to Long Sleeves for Winter

  Let’s face it, Winter is raring and ready to go!  Here in northern Utah, we went from temperatures in the high 80s to low 50′s (F), in a matter of days! Sadly, I just went school clothes shopping and stocked up on warmer weather clothing.  To solve this, I’m taking the frugal route – all of those brand new short sleeve t-shirts are going …read more

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Five Minute DIY Decorative Pillow Tutorial

DIY Sew Decorative Throw Pillows

I just spent a fun morning sorting through my fabric stash and converting it into some cushy little throw pillows. They’re easy peasy – stitched up in a flash. Want to give them a try? Here’s what you’ll need: Pillow forms in the size of your choice To determine how much fabric you need, add 1″ to the height of the pillow form and multiply …read more

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