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A New Friend

DIY Yarn Spinning

A fun new friend came to live at my house! She arrived in this over sized box. My new Schacht Ladybug Spinning Wheel! :-D I impatiently pulled her out of the box in parts and got to work putting her together. In the process, I ran across my own sweet little ladybug mascot perched on the side. After a few false starts, I hammered out the …read more

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A Long Time Coming

Spinning Yarn on a Turkish Spindle

  Good Gravy! After finishing my latest spin, my first on the turkish spindle, I looked back to see when I’d begun and saw that I’ve been nursing this spin along for nearly 6 months! I am powerfully happy to have it off my spindle! And yes – I learned a valuable lesson I can share with you regarding a turkish spindle. The fiber was merino …read more

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The Skinny on Silk Hankies

Spinning Silk Hankies into Yarn

Okay Spinners, if you haven’t played with silk hankies yet, I have to recommend the adventure! Facing a stack of sheer , filmy silk hankies  is such a fun and rewarding spinning diversion. Once you’ve created the sleek shininess that is silk yarn, you’ll have a whole new definition of luxury. The singles shine so impressively, that it’s …read more

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From Sock to Bulky – spindlewise!


  Like many knitters, I faced the fact long ago that the amount of stash I have is beyond what I should. But acknowledging the fact and actually making a dent in it are two different things. I’ve been knitting almost exclusively from stash for the past year. I started with over 100 skeins, knit up 39 in 2012, made 6 skeins of handspun, bought …read more

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Spinning up Tussah Silk

Spinning Silk on a Drop Spindle

  I’m not sure why it took me so long to try spinning silk. I was intimidated by the idea, expected it to be slippery and difficult to handle. Nothing could be farther from the truth with tussah silk. The draft is smooth and with the long staple – 7″ or more – there’s no spindle hitting the floor! So beautifully lustrous, soft and strong – …read more

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My Perfect Hat

my perfect hat from purple stitch project beanie free pattern

I took out a skein of my handspun this week and wound it up into a ball. It was my first true three-ply – A merino dyed by Wonderland Dyeworks in several shades of blue that had been given to me last Christmas by my son and daughter in law. It had taken me about three weeks to create it. I’d filled my spindle, wound it off, then filled it twice again …read more

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Fancy Cop Winding


I promised last week that I’d show you the secret to winding all fancy-like on a turkish spindle. We used to make God’s Eyes in this pattern when I was a kid at camp. It was impressive even with coarse acryllic yarn wound around crossed popsicle sticks, and taking it to my big girl craftland with handspun wool around the beautiful wood arms of a turkish …read more

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Whirling Dervishes

Whirling Dervishes Spindles

Until I went to Istanbuhl last year for a nursing conference, I thought Whirling Dervish was a term used to describe my childhood behavior, as in “Please sit down, you’re jumping around like a whirling dervish!” Imagine my surprise when during my explorations in Istanbuhl, I saw signs advertising a performing group of Whirling Dervish! An online search turned …read more

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Better Late than Never…


I did it! I was at the back of the pack, but finally finished plying my Tour de Fleece fiber that Carli dyed in her kitchen into a pretty gradient yarn. Whew! Seemed like the plying on the spindle was slow going this time. And alas – I only ended up with 220 yards of a dk weight yarn. Far short of what I’d need for any kind of shawl. So that goal stands …read more

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The Tour is ON!


  Yay! It’s finally here – that crazy, worldwide spinning extravaganza known as Tour de Fleece. I don’t have any network television here in Greece, so sadly – I can’t follow the race, but I can spin my little heart out, Crafty Friends and I’m off to a roaring start with spinning project numero uno: a braid of BFL/silk roving that Carli dyed …read more

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