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Road Cotton

Spin Cotton From the Roadside - so neat!

  Since I returned to my home in Arizona from Greece, I’ve really come to appreciate my home state. True, it’s too hot much of the year, and there’s only a small window of time in which I can enjoy wool hand knits, but the desert is beautiful. I find ways to indulge my passion for knitting and fiber – even in warm country. This is cotton farming …read more

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Solar Dyed Fiber all Spun Up


Because it was so fun to spin up my own handdyed fiber, and because I also promised I would share, here’s the Sun Fiber I recently blogged about, dyed in the big Sun Tea jar, now transformed into a beautiful bouncy two ply yarn. From pretty braid: To squishy skein: Although the red dominates - the blending of the other colors …read more

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Wheeee! Navajo Plying on the Wheel

Navajo Plying Yarn on A Spinning Wheel

  I’ve shown before how much I enjoyed the result of Navajo plying on the drop spindle. On the wheel, it’s even more rewarding because in comparison, the process is completed in such a short time. I like the look of Navajo plied yarn – how the colors stay together. I must admit that on the wheel, it does take some coordination and practice! After …read more

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Sun Fiber

Solar Dying Roving and Fiber

  If you’ve ever made a big jar of sun tea, the concept of solar dyeing will make perfect sense to you. Simple ingredients: water, vinegar, fiber, your choice of dyes and a big tea jar along with a sunny summer day is pretty much all you need. I also used squeeze bottles to mix my dye in and a dedicated set of measuring spoons . If you aren’t …read more

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Handspun Oaklet

Handspun Yarn - Oaklet

After the process of dyeing, spinning and plying a selection of fiber, knitting with it is the absolute icing on the cake for me. This lovely lace shawl started life as a 4 oz length of natural BFL and silk roving that Carli dyed for me in her kitchen! I described my goals for the spin last year about this time in my Tour is On post, and showed …read more

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Shake it up with Mmmmilk


  Fiber made from milk? Well, it’s actually made from milk protein, casein to be exact. Although it’s a protein fiber, same as the animal fibers wool and silk – it’s made in a similar manner as bamboo and tencel. The raw product is broken down in a chemical bath, then extruded into fiber. And a lovely fiber it is too - smooth and silky to …read more

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A New Friend

DIY Yarn Spinning

A fun new friend came to live at my house! She arrived in this over sized box. My new Schacht Ladybug Spinning Wheel! :-D I impatiently pulled her out of the box in parts and got to work putting her together. In the process, I ran across my own sweet little ladybug mascot perched on the side. After a few false starts, I hammered out the …read more

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A Long Time Coming

Spinning Yarn on a Turkish Spindle

  Good Gravy! After finishing my latest spin, my first on the turkish spindle, I looked back to see when I’d begun and saw that I’ve been nursing this spin along for nearly 6 months! I am powerfully happy to have it off my spindle! And yes – I learned a valuable lesson I can share with you regarding a turkish spindle. The fiber was merino …read more

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The Skinny on Silk Hankies

Spinning Silk Hankies into Yarn

Okay Spinners, if you haven’t played with silk hankies yet, I have to recommend the adventure! Facing a stack of sheer , filmy silk hankies  is such a fun and rewarding spinning diversion. Once you’ve created the sleek shininess that is silk yarn, you’ll have a whole new definition of luxury. The singles shine so impressively, that it’s …read more

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From Sock to Bulky – spindlewise!


  Like many knitters, I faced the fact long ago that the amount of stash I have is beyond what I should. But acknowledging the fact and actually making a dent in it are two different things. I’ve been knitting almost exclusively from stash for the past year. I started with over 100 skeins, knit up 39 in 2012, made 6 skeins of handspun, bought …read more

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