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Have you heard of Cartwheel?

Target's Cartwheel App

Have you heard about Cartwheel – the app that Target has recently launched? I’ve been using it on my smartphone for the last 3 months and I absolutely love it! About 700 regularly updated coupon offers are available through the app for in store savings. Cartwheel keeps track of your savings and in the few months that I’ve been using it, I’ve saved …read more

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Frosty the Snow Gift?


A Snowman Kit! I don’t know about you but making snowmen was my specialty when I was kid.  It is one of the first things you learn to do when you are from a snowy climate.  My siblings and I would always scrap together anything we could find for our snowman’s face, arms, and clothes.  It would make my Mom crazy when we couldn’t find our gloves and …read more

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For The Best Year Yet…

Microsoft Office 365

The “back to school” season is upon us and no one is more excited than my four girls. We’ve been collecting new outfits in small shopping trips throughout the summer to save my pocketbook a knockout in September. Now that we’ve assured that no one will have to return to class naked, we can focus on the tools they need – namely technology! In recent …read more

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Reward Jar!


My 3 year old is typically an eager helper when it comes to anything I’m doing around the house.  Letting him jump in on the mopping or dish washing is not my idea of a good time and often makes an even larger mess.  I did NOT however, want to pass up my opportunity to teach him task-oriented chores or discourage him from learning responsibility.  …read more

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DIY Herb Garden Markers

DIY Make Garden Markers

  Inspired by mom’s Make Your Own Buttons post, I decided to try my hand at making her some garden markers for Mother’s Day.  It was a success! They turned out great and now I must make myself a set. I used the same premo clay in ecru. Just as mom did when she made her buttons, I used a cookie cutter and cake decorating tip to cut the hole …read more

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Iron Chef – The Home Game!

Cooking Competition - Iron Chef Bountiful

  I’ve been wanting to blog about our local Iron Chef Competition for awhile now, but being a newbie to the group, I didn’t want the nice ladies that participate to think, (or know yet?), that I’m a little weird. ;-) When I first moved to Utah, sister-in-law Cindee invited me to the monthly get together they call Iron Chef Bountiful. It’s …read more

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Make Your Own Buttons

Make Your Own Polymer Clay Buttons

  If it’s not enough to spin your own yarn in order to knit your own sweater, how about going even further – making your own personalized buttons to put on it? :-D I started playing with clay – to make a shawl pin for a swap partner, actually – and once I got started, I got all sorts of ideas of what I could do with this great, mold-able …read more

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DIY Cake Stand and Fruit Bowl

DIY Fruit Bowl and Cake Stand

I’d love to say I came up with this awesome idea but it was one of those great ideas that fall into your lap when you’re minding your own business. I was admiring an adorable little cupcake stand at my local second hand store and upon closer examination, saw that it was put together by some unknown, but talented Crafty Friend. I purchased it, then …read more

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Noo-Noo Hair Bows

Painted Pasta Hair Bows

  Leave it to my witty daughter, Jaydin to come up with the most unique ideas for handmade holiday gifts for her sisters. Last year you may remember the Holiday Crayons she made and gave to her younger sisters and cousins. This year it was pasta hair bows! Yep! She actually started with bow tie pasta, then used little squirt bottles …read more

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Bling your String!

Bling Your String Custom Knitting Stitch Markers

Oh how I love beautiful, dangly, bejeweled stitch markers. At project cast on, I spend as much effort deciding on my stitch markers as I do my yarn. Sliding bright beaded markers across my needles to count my stitches just makes me smile. I’m so impressed with the custom stitch marker sets at Bling your String. Since the creator, Aryn is a part of the …read more

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