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A Groovy Dishcloth Crochet Pattern

A Groovy Dishcloth Free Crochet Pattern | I love how fast crochet can be - especially with worsted weight yarn. This groovy crochet dishcloth pattern sports a fun wavy pattern that looks difficult, but isn't at all! Materials: Worsted Weight Cotton in at least two colors: outline color and inner groove color(s) Crochet Hook, 5.0 mm (size H) Abbreviations: ch = chain sc = single more

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Stitchin’ for the Kitchen

Beautiful Vintage Climbing Trellis Potholders!My Daughter in Law Emily sewed the sweetest vintage apron for me this year . When she asked what I might like for Christmas, it was one of the first things that came to my mind. I love aprons. Love how they look hanging up on hooks in the kitchen, love the vintage style of them and not just for decoration - both practical and pretty, I actually wear more

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Grow your Forest!

Simply Notable Christmas Tree Free Knitting Pattern   Your scrappy little forest of Pint Sized Pines, that is! It's that time of year to think about adding to your holiday decorations. So break out the scrap basket and stitch up some of these fun little firs. Our Pint Sized Pines can be made using up small amounts of leftover yarn and recycled wine corks.  There's actually two patterns more

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Ivy Go Round Crocheted Frames

DIY Personalized Crochet Frame  At first sight, I was completely smitten with the Mary Go Round Crochet Flower Ring pattern! Such a cute little crocheted frame. I sat on the pattern for several days dreaming about what I'd put in the frame. It finally hit me - how adorable would these be holding the letters of my girls names? They'd look so bright and bold marching across more

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Candy Box Dress Up

Valentine's Day Heart Dressed up with Scrapbook Paper and Free Crochet Flower Pattern  When you pick up the customary red heart candy box as a gift this Valentine's Day, think about bringing it to the next level with some scrapbook paper, yarn scraps and your own artistic eye. Dress ups like these just couldn't be easier. You simply trace the lid of the candy box onto pretty scrapbook paper, cut it out and voila! You have more

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Happy Scrappy Holidays!

Crafting and Knitting Mitten Christmas Ornaments   I'm always on the lookout for inventive ways to use my scraps. They multiply like bunnies. Luckily, crafting with scrap yarn is fun and gratifying - almost like getting something for nothing! I've been pretty busy with job hunting after returning to the states last month, but I've managed to snatch a mental health hour or two to play with more

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Clever Little Coasters

Knitted Linen Look Coasters DIYBits of yarn that are just too pretty or precious to throw away, such as your leftover handspun make fabulous coasters. They not only serve the practical purpose of keeping your furniture ring-free, they allow you to scatter your most coveted yarns around the house for spots of color. It just makes me happy to see that fiber I had such a great time more

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Ups-A-Daisy Measuring Tape

Free Crochet Tape Measure Pattern Materials: Retractable Tape Measure Size 2 Metal Crochet Hook Sock Yarn Scraps Retractable Measuring Tape Button(s) Darning Needle   Abbreviations: Ch - chain SC - single crochet HDC - half double crochet DC - double crochet sl st - slip stitch Directions: US Crochet Terms Used Bottom: Round 1: Chain 3 (counts more

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Easy Lace Blocking by Inspinity

Inspinity Lace Blocking Wires Review  I messaged Rachel of Inspinity to ask her about her blocking wires. Could I try them? I promised I'd give her my opinion and would give a public review of my honest impressions. I received the Deluxe Ultra Fine Lace Blocking Wire Set within a week. I was impressed with the packaging on these. Each wire is ingeniously and neatly looped through more

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DIY Self Striping Sock Yarn with Easter Egg Dyes

How to dye yarn tutorialEaster egg dyes are on clearance today, and what a bargain they are - because you can transform your white or ecru yarn into bright and beautiful variegated or self-striping skeins with nothing more than those little tablets and a bottle of vinegar. You must use animal fibers such as wool for this to work. Acrylic or plant based yarns need a different more

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