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DIY Insulin Pump Band

DIY Pump Band |

As many of our long time readers know, my 12 year old, Jaci has type 1 diabetes. She started using an insulin pump about 5 months ago. An insulin pump is fantastic because instead of giving herself 6 injections a day, she only has to get one injection every 3 days. Because she doesn’t make her own insulin, this pump gives her a constant drip of insulin. …read more

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Inspiralize Me!

Spiralized Greek Salad Appetizer |

  Have you ever heard of a vegetable spiralizer?  Me either, until today when Mom introduced us. I’m normally not a huge fan of kitchen gadgets. They pile up so easily, falling into disuse and crowding my cabinets. But the Spirooli, (the brand I got to play with today), has now made my list of must have’s. This tool slices effortlessly …read more

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Distressed Chevron Wooden Growth Chart

DIY Wooden Chevron Growth Chart Tutorial |

  The weather is getting so nice here in Northern Utah, it only makes sense for Emily and I to put away the sewing machines and play out in the garage for a bit. Emily was inspired by the recent cute growth charts she’d spotted on pinterest, and came up with a modern twist on them to go with her decor. I admired her finished chevron wooden …read more

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Reusable Snack Bags

DIY Reusable Snack Bag Tutorial |

  It never fails – 9:00 pm and my kids tell me they have run out of ziplock bags for tomorrow’s lunch. Same at your house? Enough is enough – I decided to try my hand at making reusable snack bags. Today is the day I free myself from throwaway plastic bags and join the reusable snack bag revolution! <grin> Materials you need for …read more

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Protecting Mom’s Stash

Make a Floral Lavender Sachet Tutorial |

  Mother’s Day is a fun time of year around here. I always have a great time coming up with gift ideas for my Mom. I never have to think too hard – she’s just so easy! She loves little pretty things. Useful or not - if it’s pretty, she loves it. If it’s pretty and handmade, she’s over the moon! This Mother’s Day – and yes, I’m revealing …read more

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Quickie Graham Cracker Treats

Easy Graham Cracker Treats for the Busy Mom |

  Okay, busy Mom’s – I’m going to let you in on a very clever, amazingly easy, last minute rescue treat recipe that has saved my bacon more than once! You know those times when your darling little one remembers to tell you at bedtime that you’ve been assigned to provide treats for 30 kids the following day? Well, here’s your salvation. Keep …read more

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Sharpie Tie Dye

Mess Free Tie Dye With Markers! |

I don’t remember ever having such fun and clever activities in my high school years, but my oldest daughter, Stormi sure has some fun! This weekend was the Morp dance. For those as confused as I – Morp is Prom backwards and is a casual dance for juniors and seniors. The kids form groups and get started early in the day with “day activities” …read more

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Modern Reversible Fabric Belt Tutorial

Easy Reversible DIY Fabric Belt Tutorial |

Remember these? Me too and they were not pretty! They were usually made of eye searing bright cotton webbing and sported stripes running through the middle. They looked like they were straight out of the…..well, 80s! I guess because they were. ;-) I decided to update these cute little belts with a more modern style. They’re easily customizable, …read more

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Following Simply Notable…

Guide to Following Your Favorite Blogs |

There are so many different ways to follow your favorite blogs that it sometimes seems a bit confusing. Should you follow them on social media? email? rss? Trying to figure out all the options can be overwhelming, so I thought I’d try to help sort out the different ways you can follow us here at Simply Notable! We have several giveaways coming …read more

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Have you heard of Cartwheel?

Target's Cartwheel App

Have you heard about Cartwheel – the app that Target has recently launched? I’ve been using it on my smartphone for the last 3 months and I absolutely love it! About 700 regularly updated coupon offers are available through the app for in store savings. Cartwheel keeps track of your savings and in the few months that I’ve been using it, I’ve saved …read more

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