Once Upon a Crafty Pumpkin

Make a pumpkin from a book with this fun fall project. | SimplyNotable.com #upcycled #pumpkin #rustic #shabbychic

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far far away.... Okay, it was really northern Utah and the leaves on my trees are rustling the tale of summer's end. Crisp air is blowing and it won't be long until those leaves start falling. Having grown up in southern Arizona, I never really experienced a true fall season until moving here. It's a wondrous sight! Recycling some well-used, second-hand books into beautiful fall decor is such a fun and easy project. Here is how to make your own pumpkin from a book. Start by drawing a half of a pumpkin on a piece of cardstock to use as a template. Line up the pumpkin with the binding and trace directly onto the cover. Cut out the shape in a small … [Read more...]

Noodlehead Sewing Pattern Review & Giveaway

Noodleheads Road Trip | SimplyNotable.com

If you are a seamstress, chances are you've heard of, seen, or sewn a Noodlehead pattern. If you haven't, I'm pleased to be the one who enlightened you! Anna is an incredibly talented pattern designer. Her designs are not only cute and trendy, the patterns themselves make sense and are easy to follow. She offers loads of free tutorials and her book - Handmade Style is in the works for early next year! I've purchased and sewn two Noodlehead patterns in the last year or so. The Super Tote and the Divided Basket patterns are both useful and clever designs that I'll use over and over. In November, I gifted my mom with the Super Tote for her birthday. I figured it would be … [Read more...]

Free Online Mini Craft Classes with Craftsy!

Free Craftsy Mini Classes!

Have you seen all of the great free online mini craft classes Craftsy is offering right now? Our long time readers know that mom and I love Craftsy. We've blogged about them and have given away free classes to our readers in the past. If you've visted before, you know that Craftsy offers free classes on a variety of creative subjects. Their expert instructors share clear and repeatable lessons on everything from cooking dinner to painting a canvas. Right now, there are thirty five, yes - 3-5, to choose from! You just can't beat the price either - free is always fabulous! <grin>. Mom raves about the artisan quality pizza dough she learned to create in the Perfect Pizza at Home … [Read more...]

Featured: Designer – DrFrankKnits

fighter jets

I had to do two double-takes when I first spied DrFrankKnits creations. Are those knitted? Why yes - yes they are! These little 3D gizmo's are phenomenal! I was both tickled and inspired when I happened upon the creative inventions found on her blog - From the Needles of DrFrankKnits.  The Free Pattern Friday feature will keep me coming back for more! I couldn't resist contacting this inventive designer to get the scoop on her ingenuity: DrFrankKnits - We're so inspired by your playful sense of design! Where do you get your inspiration? "The inspiration for my designs comes from everywhere – literally! I consider myself a sort of sculptor, and like a sculptor, my … [Read more...]

DIY Insulin Pump Band

DIY Pump Band | SimplyNotable.com

As many of our long time readers know, my 12 year old, Jaci has type 1 diabetes. She started using an insulin pump about 5 months ago. An insulin pump is fantastic because instead of giving herself 6 injections a day, she only has to get one injection every 3 days. Because she doesn't make her own insulin, this pump gives her a constant drip of insulin. This does mean that this medical device has to be connected to her and worn 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the rest of her life. Jaci has a t:slim pump. It's compact, that is until you put the clip on it. Then it becomes a big bulky bulge and that's when people look at her and ask, "is THAT a PAGER?!?!" <grin> I'm … [Read more...]

Inspiralize Me!

Spiralized Greek Salad Appetizer | SimplyNotable.com

Have you ever heard of a vegetable spiralizer?  Me either, until today when Mom introduced us. I'm normally not a huge fan of kitchen gadgets. They pile up so easily, falling into disuse and crowding my cabinets. But the Spirooli, (the brand I got to play with today), has now made my list of must have's. This tool slices effortlessly and consistently, making vegetables into the most appetizing veggie noodles! I did a half cucumber at a time and each half made one very long crisp and wavy noodle strand. When my kids tired of eating them by holding them high in the air, dangling them over their open mouths, I made a yummy cucumber greek salad appetizer by cutting lengths from … [Read more...]

Distressed Chevron Wooden Growth Chart

DIY Wooden Chevron Growth Chart Tutorial | SimplyNotable.com

The weather is getting so nice here in Northern Utah, it only makes sense for Emily and I to put away the sewing machines and play out in the garage for a bit. Emily was inspired by the recent cute growth charts she'd spotted on pinterest, and came up with a modern twist on them to go with her decor. I admired her finished chevron wooden growth chart so much, I asked her to help me make one for my home.  You will need: 1 piece of  1" X  8" X 6 foot piece of board (I got mine from my local hardware store for just over $6) Painters tape Simply Notable's Chevron Pattern Paint Package of 2" vinyl numbers (or a stencil if you prefer). Stain of your … [Read more...]

Reusable Snack Bags Sewing Pattern Tutorial

DIY Reusable Snack Bag Tutorial | Simplynotable.com

It never fails - 9:00 pm and my kids tell me they have run out of ziplock bags for tomorrow's lunch. Same at your house? Enough is enough - I decided to try my hand at making reusable snack bags. Today is the day I free myself from throwaway plastic bags and join the reusable snack bag revolution! <grin> Materials you need for each bag: 7.25" wide X 14" long laminated cotton 7.25" wide X 14" long cotton print 5.5" piece of hook and loop (Velcro) *I've heard you can make your own laminated cotton using iron on vinyl! I've not tried it but it's certainly worth a shot if you don't have any laminated cotton! Center hook and loop on opposite short ends of the … [Read more...]

Protecting Mom’s Stash

Make a Floral Lavender Sachet Tutorial | SimplyNotable.com

Mother's Day is a fun time of year around here. I always have a great time coming up with gift ideas for my Mom. I never have to think too hard - she's just so easy! She loves little pretty things. Useful or not - if it's pretty, she loves it. If it's pretty and handmade, she's over the moon! This Mother's Day - and yes, I'm revealing it to her now - I used a Large Clover Kanzashi Flower Maker to make mom a pretty lavender sachet to keep next to her yarn. It apparently protects her stash yarn from moths. She tells me this every year when she lists lavender sachets as something she needs and uses. So this year, it's pretty and useful! You just can't top that. … [Read more...]

Quickie Graham Cracker Treats

Easy Graham Cracker Treats for the Busy Mom | SimplyNotable.com

Okay, busy Mom's - I'm going to let you in on a very clever, amazingly easy, last minute rescue treat recipe that has saved my bacon more than once! You know those times when your darling little one remembers to tell you at bedtime that you've been assigned to provide treats for 30 kids the following day? Well, here's your salvation. Keep a box of graham crackers and a tub of vanilla ready made frosting in the back of the pantry to assemble iced graham cookies. Sounds simple, but these are my favorite childhood cookies! My Mom made dozens of them and stored them in a lidded plastic ware container in the fridge. Her Mom used to make them for her too! Making them is a snap. … [Read more...]