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Quickie Graham Cracker Treats

Easy Graham Cracker Treats for the Busy Mom |

  Okay, busy Mom’s – I’m going to let you in on a very clever, amazingly easy, last minute rescue treat recipe that has saved my bacon more than once! You know those times when your darling little one remembers to tell you at bedtime that you’ve been assigned to provide treats for 30 kids the following day? Well, here’s your salvation. Keep …read more

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Sharpie Tie Dye

Mess Free Tie Dye With Markers! |

I don’t remember ever having such fun and clever activities in my high school years, but my oldest daughter, Stormi sure has some fun! This weekend was the Morp dance. For those as confused as I – Morp is Prom backwards and is a casual dance for juniors and seniors. The kids form groups and get started early in the day with “day activities” …read more

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Modern Reversible Fabric Belt Tutorial

Easy Reversible DIY Fabric Belt Tutorial |

Remember these? Me too and they were not pretty! They were usually made of eye searing bright cotton webbing and sported stripes running through the middle. They looked like they were straight out of the…..well, 80s! I guess because they were. ;-) I decided to update these cute little belts with a more modern style. They’re easily customizable, …read more

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Following Simply Notable…

Guide to Following Your Favorite Blogs |

There are so many different ways to follow your favorite blogs that it sometimes seems a bit confusing. Should you follow them on social media? email? rss? Trying to figure out all the options can be overwhelming, so I thought I’d try to help sort out the different ways you can follow us here at Simply Notable! We have several giveaways coming …read more

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Have you heard of Cartwheel?

Target's Cartwheel App

Have you heard about Cartwheel – the app that Target has recently launched? I’ve been using it on my smartphone for the last 3 months and I absolutely love it! About 700 regularly updated coupon offers are available through the app for in store savings. Cartwheel keeps track of your savings and in the few months that I’ve been using it, I’ve saved …read more

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Homemade Pixie Stick Valentines

Printable Homemade Healthy Pixie Sticks for Kid's Valentine Parties!

Where in the world have I been? I had no idea you could purchase these cute little paper straws! When I saw them I was immediately reminded of my childhood. It brought me right back to the red stained lips and tongue that was caused by those yummy, sugary and often soggy pixie sticks we used to eat as kids. With Valentines Day quickly approaching and …read more

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Delicious Baklawa Recipe

Delicious Authentic Middle Eastern Pastry Recipe - Baklava! Yum!

  If you’ve never heard of Baklawa, it is a distinctively delicious Middle Eastern pastry. People of Greek descent call this same desert Baklava. Either way you pronounce it, it’s amazing! It’s labor intensive to build a really good baklawa, but it’s a labor of love – so worth it! Happily, the recipe makes a lot of servings!Start by chopping …read more

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Pretty Burlap Garland Tutorial

DIY Burlap Christmas Tree Garland! Easy Tutorial!

  I was recently impressed by the most uniquely decorated holiday tree! So rustic and natural - it’s limbs were hugged by a ruffled burlap garland! You know me – once I had it in my head, I couldn’t rest until I’d figured out how to make this garland for my own tree! It’s a WIP for now, a work in progress,  but here’s a little tutorial …read more

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DIY Christmas Advent Calendar Bunting

DIY Bunting Advent Calendar Tutorial. Cute!

  Remember those little cardboard advent calenders that you open a little door each day and take out a little piece of yummy chocolate candy? As a child it was such a fun way to count down days until Christmas. Since I admire those trendy buntings I see online so much, I decided to make a little bunting advent calendar for my girls to count …read more

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Marinated Feta Cheese

DIY Marinated Feta - Yum!

  In my younger years, I remember my dad regularly purchasing a jar with little cubes of cheese floating in an irresistibly seasoned marinated oil. I want to say that the cheese was blue cheese but I’ve always disliked the strong blue cheese flavor so either it became milder from sitting in the oil or it wasn’t blue cheese at all. *shrug* …read more

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