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About Mom on Simply Notable

I’m a Mom who has it good. Not only do I get to work with my daughter, who is also my best buddy, I also get to work with my two daughters in law – both creative, talented and kind young women who’ve added so much to our family and for whom I am ever grateful. The collective talent and creativity of my three daughters is the heart of Simply Notable. 

I’m a frustrated artist, who got stuck in craft-land. I can’t think of a craft that I haven’t already tried, or isn’t on my short bucket list. Knitting is where I’m at these days and creating whimsical little patterns brings me happiness. I love sharing my designs and seeing the spin that other knitters put on them. The modifications and resourcefulness of knitters never fails to amaze me.
Finished projects are fun, but it’s the creative process that truly brings me joy and that I wish to share with our readers. If you’ve found even the smallest thread of inspiration here, then my work here is done.Mom


About Carli on Simply NotableI’m Carli, a wife and mother to four. I love the idea of homesteading as much as I fear it. I want the garden but am completely grossed out by bugs. I want my own chickens to harvest the eggs, but oh my, what will become of my grass? WHAT? I have to move away from the city to have chickens? Please say it isn’t so! As a result, urban homesteading appeals to me and influences my blog posts.

While my family may never make it to self-reliant status, I do what I can. Speaking of canning, I love it! I’m newly obsessed with it and I get overwhelmingly excited to have jars upon jars of food on my shelves . I love knowing every single ingredient that was put into those jars. I also love to sew, cook and craft. I hope that my posts and our blog inspires you to do what you love as well. 


About Cindee on Simply Notable

Writing my own biography is not on my list of fun things to do. It is on the list right next to skipping dessert, stubbing my toe, and stepping in doggie doodie.

Since I have been blogging for over a year and my section of the about us was blank, I figured I should get on the ball and give you a brief insight into my life as a blogger.

I love to Cook! Experimenting with different ingredients and finding combinations that make my mouth happy is one of my greatest joys. Does it always turn out? Of course not. I just finished eating a piece of chocolate pie that looked like a splat of smashed nachos with runny beans, and that pie was made by yours truly! Learning to cook is a journey and when something doesn’t turn out, there is another meal waiting to be discovered just around the corner.

Crafting with my two little men also brings me great joy. Taking on projects with my children helps to slow down this hectic fast paced world.

My goal as a blogger is to create, share, love and inspire.


About Emily on Simply NotableI have been a craft goddess almost my whole life. My mom instilled my love for crafting early on. I even remember selling handmade crafts to friends in elementary school! Going to craft shows and fabric stores was our kind of fun, and I still enjoy it to this day. Now that I’ve moved away from home, I get to share these experiences with my sister in laws. If I’m not sewing, painting, or scrapbooking, you can bet I’m thinking about it and planning my next project. Being around others with the crafty gene is a huge blessing.

Currently, my passion is sewing. I love to make quilts, baby things, and other useful items for my home. Being a blogger gives me a wonderful excuse to sew on a regular basis and as an added plus, I am able to improve my skills and try new things. The best part, of course, is sharing completed projects with other fabriholics – so welcome!