About Mom

I know it’s so cliche’ to say but my mom is my best friend. It’s not just because she’s reading this – she really is my best friend! About a year ago she moved to Athens, Greece and I miss her so very much. We used to talk on the phone at least every other day and since she’s been gone (did I mention, almost a year now?!?), I’ve talked to her exactly one time on the phone. If I’m lucky, in the very early morning, I  see her log on to our favorite messenger before she goes to bed. Then before I head off to bed, I see her log on as she is getting ready to start her work day. Sometimes I send her a message and other times it’s just nice to know she’s there.

Suffice it to say, she is having a lot of fun in Greece! She’s learned all about the culture. She’s had no choice but to learn a little bit of Greek language and she has traveled a lot since moving there. London, Berlin, Turkey to name a few. Still, I cannot help be selfish and want her back home. Until then, we will be sharing all of our creative ideas via Simply Notable so we can at least keep up with each others creative doings like we used to.


About Carli

I’ve known Carli forever, or at least her entire life. :-) I trust her like no one else because she’s the one person who’ll never tell me even the smallest white lie. That’s what you’d expect of your daughter, right? I’d be lost without regular infusions of her discerning taste and trendy sensibilities. She keeps me centered and reminds me of what’s true. I miss her like crazy. I miss her four girls and hanging out at her fun female dominated household too.  There’s always something interesting going on at the Lowry’s. You can count on being able to find at least one of every color of fingernail polish in the rainbow!

It’s so difficult to call when you live on separate continents, so we’ve had to come up with other ways to share. Simply Notable suits us: a creative collaboration in which we can pop in and see what the other’s been up to at any time. I can’t wait to see her posts and am always so anxious to post mine. It’s the first place I look every morning and the last place I take a peek at before bed.

We hope you’ll find this an interesting place to visit as well!

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