Will Spin for Coffee!

Spinning Yarn for Coffee Cozy | SimplyNotable.comSometimes I find that spinning an entire braid of fiber becomes a chore and my bobbins fill up with unfinished singles that I’m tired of spinning. At times like these, it’s refreshing to break out my spindles and spin up a small project. A fast little color fix fits my mood this week and I took the opportunity to spin up some yarn for small projects – coffee cozies. Even though winter is waning, my coffee needs to stay warm all year long!

Our Pick a Pocket Cozy is a great project for a beginning spinner. Depending on your gauge, you’ll need about 50 yards of finished yarn. I calculated that I used 45 yards of my completed sport weight yarn to make the cozy on size 3.25 mm needles.

Spinning Yarn for Coffee Cozy | SimplyNotable.comThough you can ply directly from your spindles, or wind up a plying ball for the purpose, I used my Katie a Go Go tensioned lazy kate that I love to use for small spinning projects. Works like a charm!

Spinning Yarn for Coffee Cozy | SimplyNotable.comI’m in love with handwinding yarn on a nostepinne lately, so small projects in particular always get wound into a center pull ball these days for knitting. My poor ball winder hasn’t seen the light of day in weeks!

I made several Pick a Pocket cozies with the small amounts I spun throughout the week.

This is a great little gift project. You can put your finished cozy on a reusable cup and tuck some coffee money in the pocket for gifting.

Or if you want to keep it simple,  just include a pretty tea bag or some sweetener packets.

Spinning Yarn for Coffee Cozy | SimplyNotable.com

Oh, and don’t forget to add a care label!




  1. says

    What a lovely idea to get a break from wheel spinning! I definitely love spindle spinning as a reward even though it goes much slower than wheel spinning (I get easily distracted :P). The cozies are adorable and I will keep them in mind for the mini skeins I end up always spinning up!

    • Mom says

      You too, Nika? I’m getting quite the collection of small skeins of handspun. I also have a limited attention span. :-)

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