Stitches bound!

Mom, Sr. and I are going to Stitches West! Wheeee! This is our first fiber festival and we’re pretty excited about it.

We’ve created the Simply Notable stitch markers for the exchange:

Simply Notable Stitch Markers - The Stitches West Event!

Simply Notable Stitch Markers - The Stitches West Event!

and packed our supply bags for classes:

Simply Notable Stitch Markers - The Stitches West Event!

We’ve fretted over the contents of our notion pouches…knitting needles, check. needle gauge, check. row counter, check. cable needle, check. scissors, check. tape measure, check. crochet hook, check…(did we forget anything?)

Simply Notable Stitch Markers - The Stitches West Event!

Our scheduled classes are Sock Knitting Seminar with Carol Sulcoski and Fun and Fancy Scandinavian Cast Ons with Laura Farson. We’ve done our homework. I tucked Carol Sulcoski’s book – Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn into my bag – just in case there’s time for an autograph.

I’ve heard that the marketplace is so full of yarn and fiber that it’s absolutely overwhelming. It may overwhelm us into a complete inability to shop!

But somehow, I doubt it.


Hope to see you there – but if not, I’ll bring back photos to share, Crafty Friends!




  1. Suzanne says

    The promise of your beautiful photos is the only thing that keeps my jealousy at bay. I know you will capture moments that will make me feel like I was there too. I hope you enjoy the experience fully, learn a lot and make many new friends.

    • Mom says

      Awww, thanks Suzanne! Wish you could be there – but I definitely will take lots of yarny photos for you – and you can enjoy the view while keeping pocketbook intact! 😀

    • Mom says

      Hi Jill! I’m sure we’ll have plenty left over. We had a real stitch marker sweat shop going on while making these, so we have lots! After the convention we’ll plan some Simply Notable stitch marker giveaways! :-)

  2. says

    Hi Jill: You will have a blast!! I have gone and spent 2 nights, 3 days there. So much yarn. My favorite thing were some vendors that were selling patterns/yarns/kits that weren’t main stream, particularlly those from Canada and smaller USA home businesses. I bought some of my prized kids sweater kits there. Also the fashion show was so fun to watch and inspiring. And then there is the knitting gadgets, jewelry, sissors. It was the best thing my girlfriend and I ever did. In the evening, we would dump all our purchases out on our beds and talk about what we got and who we got it from. Yes, I did get autographs from several book writers, they were freely out in booths making themselves available. Have a great time, think about your purchases for a while walk around the whole place, make notes where the booth is that you like. And I bought some yarn I liked but didn’t have a specific project. Ended up not having enough. Luckily, I put the vendor’s card in my bag and kept her information; it all blends together, you will forget. I am jealous!!

  3. Connie says

    One of my favorite things to do before going to Stitches is to get the Market layout and highlight my must see/must shop vendors. That way I know I won’t miss the ones I really want to see. I also look at any websites I can to pre-shop vendors that I don’t know. The first time can be a little overwhelming, but just take it one row at a time!

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