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I don’t remember ever having such fun and clever activities in my high school years, but my oldest daughter, Stormi sure has some fun! This weekend was the Morp dance. For those as confused as I – Morp is Prom backwards and is a casual dance for juniors and seniors.

Mess Free Tie Dye with Markers |

The kids form groups and get started early in the day with “day activities” before the dance. These typically consist of some fun activity – a craft, movie, or something similar. Then they have dinner and go to the dance together. I hosted one of their day activities for the Morp dance. Her group of friends and their respective dates came over and tie dyed plain white t-shirts that they then planned to wear to the dance. Each girl and her date picked a set of colors so their shirts would match, then got down to the fun designing of them.

Tie Dye Shirts with Markers |

They tie dyed their shirts using a mess free form of tie dye that requires nothing more than cups, rubber bands, colored sharpies and rubbing alcohol.

Easy Mess Free Tie Dye with Markers |

Most of them took a section of the shirt, put it over the opened end of a cup and kept it in place by stretching a rubber band around it. They then drew the design of their choice on that portion of the shirt using multiple colors. Some made geometric designs while others drew flowers. Some kept their shirt laying flat with a few layers of paper towels between the front and back of the shirt and created pretty themed designs.

Mess Free Tie Dye With Markers! | SimplyNotable.comThey then dropped alcohol onto the design with eyedroppers to create the tie-dyed effect.

Mess Free Tie Dye With Markers! |

I was impressed to see the intricate designs they came up with, and if the volume of  laughter was any indication, they had a great time doing it!

Just a little word of advice: be sure to open a few windows, Crafty Friends! That rubbing alcohol is strong!




  1. Suzanne says

    This is a great idea! My kids have a few white shirts that would benefit from a little tie dye rather than being chucked into the donation pile.

    • Carli says

      Hi Ellen, admittedly, we haven’t washed ours yet but I assume they can be washed with only mild fading over time. At least that’s what I’d expect from permanent marker. 😉

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