Saint Patrick’s Day Shamrock Lollipops!

Homemade Shamrock Lollipops by Simply Notable!

Looking for a fun St. Patrick’s Day project that doesn’t involve stinking up the house with cooked cabbage?  (I actually really love corned beef and cabbage, just not the smell associated with it!)

I found these adorable hard candy molds on and thought I would give my hard candy skills a try, even though I haven’t made suckers since I was a small girl in 4H.  I thought it would be nice to share with my kids some of the fun things I remember loving as a child.

You’ll need: Hard candy molds, sucker sticks, 1 dram of flavor oil, food coloring, candy thermometer, plastic snack bags for covering, ribbon or twist ties, gold glitter sprinkles, corn syrup, sugar, and water.

Shamrock Lollipop Tutorial by Simply Notable!

Start by prepping your molds.  Spray them with a light coating of canola oil and then insert the sticks.  Make sure your molds are rated for hard candy and not just chocolate, otherwise they may melt.  No one likes melted plastic suckers.

Shamrock Lollipops for Saint Patrick's Day!

Measure out 1 cup of sugar, 1/2 cup of corn syrup, and 1/3 cup water.

DIY Shamrock Lollipops for St. Patrick's Day |

Pour the ingredients into a pot on the stove over medium heat and stir until sugar is dissolved.  You may need to use a wet basting brush to wash down any sugar crystals that have attached to the side of the pot.

DIY Shamrock Lollipops for St. Patrick's Day |

Once the sugar is dissolved DO NOT STIR. Let it boil untouched until it reaches 295 degrees which is what the candy world calls the “hard crack stage”.  You will see why it’s called the hard crack stage if you happen to drop a handful of lollipops you just made- drop…. crack….shatter.  Doh!)

DIY Shamrock Lollipops for St. Patrick's Day |

Insert a candy thermometer, which can be found for a few dollars from your local craft store.  I paid less than $4.00 for mine.  Use caution not to let the thermometer rest on the bottom of the pot.

DIY Shamrock Lollipops for St. Patrick's Day |

Once it reaches 295 degrees, immediately remove from heat and as quickly as possible. Stir in a few drops of food coloring and 1 dram of flavoring oil.  CAUTION-as you add the coloring and flavor oil the mixture will produce a big gust of steam which can burn you if you’re not careful.  Don’t over stir.          

(Flavor oil is different from flavor extract – it’s much more potent.  1 dram is 3.7 ml or .125 fl oz., which is 1 bottle unless you are buying it in bulk or in a professional size. The oils come in a variety of flavors: cotton candy, spearmint, apple, mint, cherry, lime, cinnamon, watermelon, etc. etc.) You can use any flavor you desire, I wanted to stick with something that made sense with the green color so I opted for apple!

Your candy will start to set immediately so you will have to work super fast to get the liquid into your molds.

DIY Shamrock Lollipops for St. Patrick's Day |

After pouring, allow to set for about 5 minutes, then carefully remove the lollies from the molds onto a cookie sheet or platter lined with parchment paper.  I was pleasantly surprised with how fast they set and how easy they were to remove.

DIY Shamrock Lollipops for St. Patrick's Day |

The next step is what gives these adorable little shamrock lollipops the WOW factor!  Get a small bowl of water and a small bowl of gold glitter sprinkles found at most craft stores in the baking section.  Dip one side of the lollipop into the water, then into the glitter, and voila… CANDY BLING!

DIY Shamrock Lollipops for St. Patrick's Day |

Place the lollipops back on the parchment to dry, which will only take a few minutes.

DIY Shamrock Lollipops for St. Patrick's Day |

Carefully place the snack bag over the top or wrap in plastic wrap and tie it off with a twist tie or coordinating ribbon.

DIY Shamrock Lollipops for St. Patrick's Day |

I thought it would be fun to display them in my shamrock glass, which I etched myself.  You can jazz up about any glass container with etching creme.  Check out our etching tutorial here.

Now you can gather your loved ones to share leprechaun tales, discuss your Irish descent or the life of St. Patrick and enjoy your lovely lollipops!




  1. Lisa says

    Oh My! Love this idea! How did you pour it so perfectly into the molds???

    You already know that I follow you all on flickr.

    I would wish for:
    1) people to be kind
    2) a cure for autism or the cause to be found so future generations can be helped.
    3) people to be kind (I know this was number one, but i think this is one we really need)

  2. Irina N says

    Your candies look so beautiful and yummy and professional! Wow!

    My three wishes will really depend on Leprechaun capabilities. If he really can do ANYTHING, they would be
    -1- World’s peace; -2- Cure from cancer, aids and other terminal deceases
    -3- for learning and education to become a lasting fashion

    I suspect that one Leprechaun, even if he is mighty, may not be able to act on such scale. So if the wishes have to be for a practical personal use only, but magic objects are allowed, that would be:
    -1- a broom and mop that cleans my house everyday when I am at work
    -2- a closet that always have cloths that fits without me going to the store
    -3- an encyclopedia that has any information on any subject I need (kind of like wikipedia, but better, and a real book)

  3. Theresa says

    My wishes would be:
    1. to have my uncle’s health restored
    2. to have my cousin’s health restored or for him to be eligible for a kidney transplant. At 60 years old, he has been told that he is TOO old and that the kidneys are reserved for younger people.
    3. to have enough land and finances to be able to take care of all the stray cats and dogs.

  4. Jenny says

    I am a facebook follower and will share this lollipop post on my timeline ;-) Such a fun, cute idea for St. Patty’s.

    3 Wishes:
    1: Healthy Baby (on the way)
    2: That my children have happiness and great health until they grow old.
    3. To be debt free by 2016!

  5. says

    Following you on Twitter (as austinknitlit), and let’s see, three wishes…

    1. Enough independent wealth to allow myself and my Mom to stop working so that we could have enough time to knit through our yarn stash.
    2. A magical exception that makes baked goods and related treats have no calories.
    3. Go back in time and un-cancel Joss Whedon’s Firefly.

  6. Angel B says

    Hubby and baby are both irish they would love these. I would wish for:
    1) Perfect Health for all of my family members
    2) An everlasting marriage
    3) wish for 3 more wishes.

  7. Laura says

    1. I would ask for good luck for the rest of my life.
    2. To have the talent to create all the ideas I have in my mind.
    3. That my husband succeeds in his dream coming true.

  8. Joe says

    First, for my wife to have unlimited success in everything. Second, my puppy to live forever. And last, to achieve all that I should in life.

  9. oohladybegood says

    my 3 wishes:

    1. Perfect health for all my loved ones
    2. Unlimited pots of gold
    3. To be able to eat what ever I want and still be skinny and fit =)


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