Protecting Mom’s Stash

Make a Floral Lavender Sachet Tutorial |

Mother’s Day is a fun time of year around here. I always have a great time coming up with gift ideas for my Mom. I never have to think too hard – she’s just so easy! She loves little pretty things. Useful or not – if it’s pretty, she loves it. If it’s pretty and handmade, she’s over the moon! This Mother’s Day – and yes, I’m revealing it to her now – I used a Large Clover Kanzashi Flower Maker to make mom a pretty lavender sachet to keep next to her yarn. It apparently protects her stash yarn from moths. She tells me this every year when she lists lavender sachets as something she needs and uses. So this year, it’s pretty and useful! You just can’t top that.

Make a Floral Lavender Sachet Tutorial |

The Kanzashi Flower Maker is actually quite easy to use. Just fold your fabric in the template and cut it out. Then, using a needle and thread, use the template to weave in and out of the number coded slots.

Make a Floral Lavender Sachet Tutorial |

Remove the template and cinch up the flower. Before cinching it up completely, I added about 1/4 teaspoon of dried lavender to each petal. Finish it with pretty button of your choice  for the center of the flower- in my case,  a 7/8″ fabric covered button was just right.

I know she will love it! After all, it protects her most prized possessions!

Make a Floral Lavender Sachet Tutorial |

Happy Mother’s Day to you and yours, Crafty Friends!




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