No-Sew Crafty Cork Board

No-sew Crafty Cork Board by

Recently I met up with fellow Utahn and Etsy entrepenuer, Paula of Compelled to Craft. We exchanged some hand-made goodies and had a long, craft-filled conversation. As I was leaving her to-die-for sewing space, I noticed some small, decorative ironing boards hanging on the wall that held photos and cute sewing doodads. Paula admitted to making these herself and I found the result so awesome, that with her permission I had to share them with you!

No-sew Crafty Cork Board by SimplyNotable.comWhat you will need:
Ikea’s Jall tabletop ironing board
Adhesive Craft Spray
½ yard cotton fabric (keep in mind direction of the print when choosing)
Glue gun and glue sticks
Rolled cork 2’x4’ in a 5/32” depth
Sharpie or other marking tool
Picture hanging wire

Optional tools:
Rotary Cutter
6”x24” Acrylic Ruler
Cutting Mat

Start by removing the cover, batting, and legs from the ironing board and set them aside. Lay your cork roll flat on the ground. Be careful when handling it because it easily tears (like mine did. Ugh.). Cut a 30” piece off the cork roll using your rotary cutter, acrylic ruler, and cutting mat. Cut the 30″ piece in half to give you two 12″ x 30″ pieces. One roll of cork finishes two ironing boards and you can piece together the smaller leftover pieces to make a third if you wish.

No-sew Crafty Cork Board by

Use your marker to draw the shape of the ironing board onto your 12”x30”cork piece. The ironing board is about 1/2″ wider than the cork on the long sides so center it the best you can, allowing about a  1/4″ overhang on each side.

No-sew Crafty Cork Board by

Cut out the shape, fit it on top of the board and do adjustment trimming as necessary. Hot glue the cork all the way around the edges of the board.

No-sew Crafty Cork Board by

Next, get the batting from the original cover and trace the board shape onto it. Cut it out just as you did the cork. Use the spray adhesive to glue the batting to the top of the cork.

No-sew Crafty Cork Board by

Lay your fabric on the floor and place the ironing board on top of it, both with right sides down. Cut the fabric about three inches larger than the board all around the way around. If you have a directional print, be sure that the pattern is straight when you lay the board on and before you cut. Next, use the craft spray to keep it in place. Give it a good press to make sure the spray adhered the fabric to the cork. Fold the fabric to the back side of the ironing board and hot glue it to the frame.


Since you removed the feet from the ironing board, there are holes for you to connect hanging wire to. Decide if you want your board horizontal or vertical and twist the wire on accordingly.


Hang your new mini ironing/cork board into position and voila! SEW cute!

When I first went to Ikea to get the boards, I purchased one for myself and one for Carli. After completing those, we both decided we needed more! For round two, Carli opted to make hers into a magnetic board by eliminating the batting and just gluing the fabric over the cork. We then had a great time embellishing our new wall art with some coordinating push pins, fabric flowers, and magnets. I hot glued some colorful buttons from my button tin onto push pins.  Scrabble letters would be another clever, crafty choice.  What perfect decor for a craft room! Thanks again, Paula for sharing your fabulous idea!

If you make your own crafty cork boards from this tutorial, we would love to see! You can post your photos on our Simply Notable Crafty Friends Flickr page.

No-sew Crafty Cork Board by

PS- If you like these mini ironing boards check out Paula’s great full size ironing board covers in her Compelled to Craft etsy shop. I certainly love mine!




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