Mini Almost Lost Washcloth Knitting Pattern

Mini Almost Lost Washcloth Pattern |

I’ve discovered a very resourceful knitter who modified the Almost Lost Washcloth pattern into the most clever little makeup removal cloths. If you make washcloths or dishcloths, I’ll bet you have plenty of cotton yarn leftovers that are just waiting to be transformed into these.

I also think her modifications are written in such a way as to clarify the “knit back” on the Almost Lost Washcloth Pattern – so may be helpful to those of you who continue to find that confusing.

Once you’ve done a couple, these are a snap to memorize, so you can whip them up anywhere – even without the instructions in front of you! Special thanks to Sandy, who graciously agreed to share her modifications on Simply Notable for you Almost Lost Washcloth fans out there!

 Mini Almost Lost Washcloths (or Makeup Removal Cloths) – by Sandy Tieman

Cast on 7 stitches and knit one row

1. K2, yo, K3 (leave 2 stitches, flip work and knit back to end of row) = 8 stitches

2. K2, yo, K2 (leave 4 stitches, flip work and knit back to end of row) = 9 stitches

3. K2, yo, K1 (leave 6 stitches, flip work and knit back to end of row) = 10 stitches

4. K2 (leave 8 stitches, flip work and knit back to end of row) = 10 stitches

Rows 5 and 6: knit

7. Cast off 3 stitches, k to end, flip and knit one more row. Repeat 9 times for 9 points, then bind off. Use a running stitch to cinch center of circle closed. Tie off and seam side of circle together.The Mini Almost Lost Washcloth Free Knitting Pattern |

Stack them up in the bathroom for yourself or guests…

The Mini Almost Lost Washcloth Free Knitting Pattern |
…or fill a basket for a special friend. These cute little mini cloths will  fly right off your needles!




  1. Toni says

    I love the Almost Lost Washcloth and have made several (thank you!), but those mini cloths are super cute. I wish I could forgo a trip to the grocery store so I could cast on immediately. Thanks to you and Sandy for sharing both washcloths. Have a great weekend!

    • Mom says

      Thank you Toni! We love the washcloths you have on your blog too! The Picot Swirl cloth is one of my favorites!

  2. Judy says

    These look adorable! Did I miss the size of the needle to use? Being a new knitter, I’m hoping I can succeed with this project. Thanks for posting.

    • Mom says

      Hi Judy! Ahhhh – I didn’t include that, did I? Silly me. I’d recommend the same size you use for the Almost Lost Washcloth. That pattern calls for size US 8, (5.0mm), but some knitters prefer using a bit smaller size for that pattern. I knit mine with US 7!

  3. says

    Oh! YAY!! Mini washcloths! Big thanks to Sandy for sharing the instructions. I LOVE the Almost Lost Washcloth and tried to figure out how to make it smaller (unsuccessfully) as I thought they would be cute coasters. Anyone want to guess what I cast-on this morning?

    • Mom says

      Haha Lori! I remember you mentioning that you’d like to make them smaller in the Ravelry group! Isn’t it cool that Sandy modified it then agreed to share? Thanks again Sandy! 😀 My Granddaughters love getting little scrubbies like that for face washing and make up removal too. I didn’t think of coasters!

  4. Barbara says

    In the mini almost lost washcloth it says knit row 5 and 6… Isn’t it really rows 9 and 10 because of the back knitting?

  5. says

    Thank you for sharing this project. Love how they turn out and how they can be used for so many different gifts. Baby, special friend gift & house warming. Thanks for helping me get a jump on my holiday gifts too.

  6. RITA BHATIA says

    Good Morning,

    Can you please explain what Flip work means? I am a new knitter and these would make good gifts?

    K2, yo, K3 (leave 2 stitches, flip work and knit back to end of row) = 8 stitches

    Also are Rows 5 and 6 just plain knitting?
    Thank you.

    • Mom says

      Hi Rita, it just means to turn your knitting like you normally would do at the end of each row. Yes, rows 5 and 6 are just plain knitting. Hope that helps!

  7. Gayle says

    Has anyone tried knitting with 2 different colors, alternating them to make use of tiny bits? I love the look of the variegated, but all my leftovers are single colors.

  8. Eileen says

    So incredibly cute!!! I am making one for each of my little girls to use as washcloths. Also making sets of 4 to use as coasters. Could also string them along Icord and make bunting… You so ROCK!!

    • Mom says

      Yay Eileen! So glad you’re having fun with them. I think they’re the cutest too. You resourceful knitters never fail to amaze me! :-)

    • Mom says

      Yay Eileen! So glad you’re having fun with them. I think they’re the cutest too. You resourceful knitters never fail to amaze me! :-)

  9. Maria says

    Just a help on the cadt off 4
    The last cast of the 4 ( one remaing on the needle)
    What do i do with that one my work starts to unravel??
    Im a new knitter thsnks

    • Mom says

      When you’re completely done with your washcloth you just cut the yarn leaving a long enough piece to weave in, then pull it through that last stitch to fasten off. If you need more explicit directions for basic knitting techniques, a good source of how to videos can be found at knitting

  10. Rebecca Roth says

    I’m new knitter. When you knit this one and the larger one is it knitted all in one piece or seperate petals?

  11. Gayle says

    I just made the cutest one in a pumpkin color bulky cotton! It’s a tad bigger than the regular sized one, and very thick. I’m going to use it as a trivet under the teapot to absorb drips and help keep it warm. Wish I could post a picture

  12. cheryl says

    I am new to blogs and was wondering how to print the patterns like almost lost washcloth and mini patterns? Can someone please instruct how to print or download? Thanks in advance.

  13. Saira says

    I’m a basic garter stitch straight knitter. This pattern made it so easy to follow. Thanks a million. Turned out great and much faster using double pointed needles, the yarn never had to leave my fingers. 😛
    Bless you for sharing it :)

  14. Linda says

    I love these minis! How adorable! I am relatively new to knitting, and I think I’m doing the “flip work” part correctly, but after making 3 sections, it looks kind of weird. Does the project come together correctly at the very end? Do you have a you tube video showing how to make this? I am such a visual learner! :)
    Love your website!

    • Mom says

      Hi Linda! So glad you’re enjoying the pattern. We don’t have any videos, but we do have a tutorial in the works for this pattern that will be available soon. Stay tuned! :-)

  15. Diana says

    Yes thank you for such cute wash cloth. I have a order to make two for my daughter already. ha ! Was telling her too bad I did not have Sea Hawk colors for the Superbowl. Her husband is a Patriot fan. Hopefully this pattern will never be lost. I almost finished with my first one. Thank you for the comment box as I learned what size needle. However it was the size I was going to use, as most wash cloths are made with that size.

  16. Janet Leonard says

    So easy to make. I have a question though, is there 9 points or 10 points to the mini? The ones I made, I made with 9 points and they worked up just fine.. :)

  17. Alejandra says

    hi! These are very cute! I’m a new knitter; what does “yo” mean? [k2, yo, k2]


    Greetings from Mexico!

  18. Judy Harris says

    Love these “mini almost lost washcloths” but I only know how to crochet. Is there someone that could “translate” the knitting pattern into a similar crochet pattern?

  19. Julia says

    Thank you for posting this wonderful pattern! I’ve made several already, making sets of 4 for Easter gifts. A friend suggested they would make nice “mug rugs”! Thanks again!

  20. says

    I am not an experienced knitter but was able to finish off the knitting, thank you ahem …
    I really dunno how to sew it together to make a star. It look like a crown at the moment :(

  21. Kim says

    I think these would make beautiful rugs. I’m going to have to experiment unless someone can come up with the figures to do something that size? Pretty new to knitting. Thanks for any assistance.

  22. Tina says

    This is great! The mini is going to be for my first Great Grandchild’s bath time (and me being so young!). I read the pattern to be 10 points and it worked out beautifully. I have been making “traditionally” kitchen dishcloths and using them in the bath. Love them better than terry. Pure luxury. Thank you so much for sharing this pattern. Sharing good things is such a way to live.

  23. Lynn says

    The instructions say “repeat 9 times”. Do you start with knit 1 row, or k2 yo k3, leave 2 sts, flip and k back to end of row?

  24. Carole Kendrew says

    Thank you to all for being so generous with sharing your patterns..I so appreciate this site.

  25. says

    Thanks for the pattern! If one knits just two petals, one would have a heart. Knit 4 petals and sew together and stuff, can make a puffed heart to add to hats or make a pin!

  26. Pam says

    Love the pattern for the large one think the small is missing where you bind off after row 6&5….
    Leaving 7 stitches to start next petal ..figured it out thank-you for this ..we’ve all enjoyed it ..


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