Magic Knitting

I received a beautiful magic ball when our Simply Notable Ravelry Group had a magic ball swap last January. My partner had made up a wondrous magic ball of superwash sock weight leftovers in gorgeous hues.

Knitting Using a Magic Ball |

I searched patterns for awhile with a certain amount of indecision because I wanted to show off the interesting and colorful interplay of the joined scraps. I wanted to pay homage to the super scrappiness of the magic ball, you might say.

I finally settled on Diving In by Mam’zelle Flo, which actually is a recipe for knitting a shallow shawl on the bias rather than a full fledged pattern. It doesn’t get any easier than this. I was lulled into a sort of knitting nirvana by the miles and miles of garter stitch on an easy to memorize 4 row repeat that creates the bias. The best sort of mindless knitting – great for television watching or audiobook listening.

Knitting Using a Magic Ball |

And the result? This pattern really paid off. I’m thrilled with the way the bold stripes swoop across the shawl. The colors suit my desert southwest surroundings so well.

Knitting Using a Magic Ball |

I think the picot bind off adds just the right touch of cowgirl.

Knitting Using a Magic Ball |

Knitting Using a Magic Ball | SimplyNotable.comThanks, Lisa, for the beautiful palette – the glorious magic cake of possibilities! I’ll wear the heck out of this one – and will think of you every time!

Are you inspired to make a magic ball for a friend? What would you make with your own? Oh, the possibilities!




  1. Suzanne says

    What a pretty finish! I’m inspired to make one of those magic yarn balls but so far I am still in the place of accumulating yarn bits. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

    • Mom says

      Awwww, thanks Lisa! You give me too much credit. I was gifted the beautiful yarn and used a clever free pattern. Those girls have the real talent! But thanks so much for your kind comment. Made my day! :-)

  2. Renee says

    Love your shawl and this idea of doing the ‘magic ball’. What a fabulous idea!! You did a beautiful job on your knitting. I am also quite taken with your yarn bowl. Where did you get it? Really pretty. Shawl, magic ball, yarn bowl, Oh My Heck. . . new and ideas on the horizon!! Thanks!!

    • Mom says

      Hello Renee! The yarn bowl is actually a rice bowl meant to hold a set of chopsticks at the top that I bought from a potter at a craft show once upon a time. I’ve seen them made from clay and bamboo too at various home stores. They’re great for knitting, although since you put the yarn through that hole instead of a slit in the bowl, like bowls meant for yarn have, once you start knitting, you can’t get it out of the bowl until you’re done! LOL! That doesn’t bother me a bit, but could be a drawback if you decided you wanted to put the project in a bag and make it portable. Thanks for your kind comments! :-)

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