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Heart Tawashi Knitting Pattern from Simply Notable!

Tawashi’s are the most adorable sort of pint sized scrubby! Daughter Carli got me started with them when she made me a sweet little apple slice tawashi for a holiday gift. I make them for the kitchen, of course, but also keep a basket handy in the bathroom for makeup removal and facial cleansing.

Cast on these little tokens of double thick, garter stitch ♥ for those gals in your life you admire this Valentine’s Day! Pile them in a basket, loop them over a pretty bottle of sudsy stuff or tie them on to a bottle of wine. These knit up flat on two needles – so quick and easy that there is loads of ♥ to go around.

Heart Tawashi Knitting Pattern from Simply Notable!You’ll Need:
Worsted Weight Cotton such as Knit Picks Dishy or Peaches n Cream Kitchen Cotton
Size US 7 needles
Crochet Hook in a size to handle the yarn (only a few stitches are done with this)
Tapestry needle for seaming

W & T = wrap and turn: with yarn behind work, slip next stitch purlwise, then bring working yarn to front of work, turn work to other side and slip stitch on left needle to right, purlwise. (This creates a little wrap or collar around the right side of the wrapped stitch)

Cast on 16 stitches
Knit 10 rows

First Heart Bump:

Row 1: K 15, W & T
Row 2: K 6, W & T
Row 3: repeat row 2
Row 4: K 5, W & T
Row 5: repeat row 4
Row 6: K 4, W & T
Row 7: K 3, W & T
Row 8: K 13, W & T
Row 9: K 6, W & T
Row 10: repeat row 9
Row 11:K 5, W & T
Row 12: repeat row 11
Row 13: K 4, W & T
Row 14: K 3, W & T
Row 15: K 6

Hold two needles together and bind off with 3 needle bind off, don’t fasten off

note: If you bind off too tightly, you will compress the bump of the heart and flatten it. If that’s a problem for you, try using a size larger needles for the bind off.

Put crochet hook through loop and slip stitch in the space between last 2 stitches of 3 needle bind off (as shown):

Heart Tawashi Knitting Pattern from Simply Notable!

Slip stitch in next 3 spaces to left on the garter stitch edge, through both thicknesses.
Ch 12, then slip stitch again in same stitch, (as shown):

Heart Tawashi Knitting Pattern by Simply Notable!

Put knitting needle through loop and pick up 9 more stitches along front thickness only of garter stitch edge (10 stitches on needle), (as shown):

Heart Tawashi Knitting Pattern by Simply Notable!

Second Heart Bump:

Row 1: K 8, k 2 together
Row 2: K 8, W & T
Row 3: K 7, W & T
Row 4: K 6, W & T
Row 5: K 5, W & T
Row 6: K 4, W & T
Row 7: K 3, W & T
Row 8: repeat row 7
Row 9: K 4, W & T
Row 10: repeat row 9
Row 11: K 5, W & T
Row 12: K 6, W & T
Row 13: K 7
Row 14: K 9
Bind off

Seam back and side edge using mattress stitch.

Heart Tawashi Knitting Pattern from Simply Notable!

From my ♥ to yours, Crafty Friends!

Download Simply Notable’s Heart Tawashi PDF Pattern!

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  1. Nancy says

    Thanks for such a sweet pattern! I have lots of cotton yarn left over from other projects, and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!

  2. says

    These are darling! I wish I did needle work when I see stuff like this. My mind went to how cute they would be used as an embellishment on a card!

  3. Sarah says

    Yisssssss! I was LOOKING for something to knit for V-day for the kiddos to play with! Now I know! Thank you so much!

  4. Paula B says

    So far, I have made 4 of these…one to go! it took three to get the hang of the w & t, but didn’t change the final look of the hearts.
    My knit group will love these!!!
    I’ll post a picture on Ravelry AFTER next Wednesday!
    Thanks for the pattern!


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