Fish Lips Kiss Heel, Oh My!

Here’s another popular idea that’s been burning through the knitting blogosphere for some time….it’s been around awhile, and I’ve taken note each time I heard about it. I guess I just had to hear about it a hundred times before I finally decided to try it myself.

Fish Lips Kiss Heel, Oh My! |

This heel was developed by Patty-Joy White,  Sox Therapist on Ravelry. This is not only a heel – it’s an entire sizing system for sock knitters. The 1 dollar price tag is remarkable, because the pattern is 16 pages long, and full of empowering information for the sock knitter.

With this pattern, a shoebox and a sharpie, the majority of your sock knitting problems could be history. And if I’m any judge, you may develop an arsenal of sizing tricks that work for toe-up or cuff-down sock knitting and will amaze your family and friends. NO GUSSET! That’s right. None. Yet still fits my feet with their oversized insteps.

Fish Lips Kiss Heel, Oh My! |

I’ve started a handy little library of cardboard sock patterns for the privileged sock worthy recipients I know and it’s certainly convenient  to have their foot patterns at hand when I need them. A knitter just can’t predict when it’s time to cast on socks.

Fish Lips Kiss Heel, Oh My! |

I’ve tried it on a toe-up pair…

Fish Lips Kiss Heel, Oh My! |

and a cuff-down pair. Detailed information is given in the pattern on when to start the heel in each case, and I can honestly say – I like the result both ways.

Fish Lips Kiss Heel, Oh My! |

I believe that makes me ambidextrous. 😉




  1. Amy C says

    I love this heel. No gaps, no yarn-overs. Very clever. I’ve used it toe-up and top-down. I’ve made hundreds of socks, and am very happy to add this technique to my repertoire.

  2. Tammie says

    I have purchased this pattern but have yet to try it. I’m currently knitting my third pair of socks and I’m going to try something new for me – and afterthought heel. The Fish Lips Kiss sock will be the next technique I try. I’m glad to know you like the results!

  3. says

    I have been hearing a lot about this heel.
    This year I joined a group on Ravelry committed to knit on socks everyday, so I am finally getting back into sock knitting. I love 2 at a time toe up and have been using the fleegle heel. It has become so easy I don’t need to read any pattern anymore.
    However, I think I will go over and buy this pattern, but the though of reading pages of directions compared to having it all in my head has kept me from doing it so far.

    • says

      Sarah, what is the name of the sock group on Ravelry? I would love to join. My favorite method – toe up, two at a time. Can’t wait to try this new heel. I’ve been doing the Eye of Partridge heel and still find it challenging. Jeanie

  4. Rachel says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for leading me to this pattern! I’ve been wanting to knit socks for my mom in another state for quite some time now and I’ve been trying to figure out how to do it. Mailing a piece of cardboard and instructions on how to trace will be easy enough to do for my sisters as well! <3

    • Mom says

      I love it Rachel! You could even just have them send you the pattern on paper and you could trace it onto cardboard when you get it!

  5. Charlene Cain says

    Thanks for this lead! I am sock knitter want-a-be, and this just might make the difference!

  6. says

    I almost finished my first pair of FLK heel socks. I like them very much, but I also like the Fleegle heel. Not sure what heel I will use for my next socks, but I can decide when I get there. That’s the beauty of knitting socks.

    • Mom says

      So true Sarah! I haven’t tried the fleegle heel. I’m putting it next on my list to try. Thanks for sharing!

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