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Spinning Yarn Fearlessly | SimplyNotable.comWhen it comes to spinning  – experimentation is the rule for me these days. I’ve been taking the time to explore different methods and to play with color. I’ve had some help and inspiration with a new spinning resource: PLY magazine by spinner extraordinaire – Jacey Boggs. This is a compendium of spinning know-how that has sent my little spinning heart soaring with ideas and plans. Reading the articles and experimenting with the described techniques has provided me with more than one satisfying “aha” moment.

Spinning Yarn Fearlessly | SimplyNotable.comI’ve also enjoyed the wisdom of several spinning podcasters who deliver plenty of well known fibery  facts that I was clueless about  in dozens of the most pleasant, chitty-chatty episodes. I feel like I’m part of a real community listening to these generous fiber enthusiasts speak about the elusive skills I seek. Two of my favorites are The Spin Doctor and Yarn Spinners Tales. If you haven’t listened before, there’s lots of episodes to catch up on and you can pick and choose through the titles, or start with number one and view them one by one, in order if you like things done just so.

Spinning Yarn Fearlessly |

Many of you followed me as I first shakily learned to whirl a spindle in Secrets of a New Yarn Spinner. I think I reflected the fear of many new spinners. The fear of failing and the desire to take it slow to get it just right, to be correct and to make perfect joyous little singles, skinny as possible and perfectly even and admirable. I feel a bit protective of my first learning spinning self – not really knowing, but wanting to so much. Since then, I’ve learned that there’s really nothing in particular to know. That spinning is one thing that doesn’t have to be done just so. It’s a joy – a crazy dizzy whirled mess of color and texture.

Spinning Yarn Fearlessly |

New spinners – wind up your fiber in pretty little nests and fill bowls with them. Spin them crazily – thicker than you’d like – with areas of thinness. Ply together unlikely colorways. When you tire of them, wind them off and pick another little spinning journey. No bobbins? Store your singles on economical wooden spoons. Knit them into swatches or small objects to share. Even short little lengths of fibery color can become treasured items, and why should you spin anything that doesn’t delight? This is your joy.

Spinning Yarn Fearlessly |

So have fun, Crafty Friends!

Be fearless.




  1. says

    “That spinning is one thing that doesn’t have to be done just so. It’s a joy – a crazy dizzy whirled mess of color and texture.”

    You’ve completely nailed it! Love this post.

  2. says

    I love your outlook on spinning. I still feel a bit of hesitation when it comes to spinning a new braid of fibre, expecting that I should make it perfect but I am starting to come around to the idea that the whole point of wanting to spin (for me) was to make yarn that I couldn’t find elsewhere. From odd colour combinations to a version of thick and thin that isn’t so exaggerated, this is what I wanted! So thank you for your post for reminding me to just dive in and not tip toe around 😛

  3. BeBe says

    I am a novice spinner and l have often caught myself backing away from the wheel for fear of “messing up” my fiber….l’ve only had one session of “instruction” so what l “know” is what l’ve figured out through trial and error….your post was the epiphany l needed….it doesn’t have to “suit” anyone but _me_!!

    I want to learn to dye the beautiful colors you show in your photos so I intend to get my lumpy bumpy singles into some sort of color soon….thanks for the encouragment….wish there were more spinners in my area….I need a mentor!!lol!!

    Thanks for a the confidence boost!

    • Mom says

      Oh BeBe! I’m so glad to hear that this post made you think. I think you should definately start experimenting with dyeing – soooo fun! I’m completely self taught too, so I understand your feelings of isolation. I also need to seek out my fellow spinners!


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