A Pampered Puppy Shower

Few days will be more important in my niece Jaci’s life than the day she received her diabetic alert dog, Nova. About one and a half years after being diagnosed as a Type 1 Diabetic, Jaci received her puppy from Tattle Tail Scent Dogs. The danger with insulin-dependent diabetes is dangerous swings in levels of blood sugar that can be life threatening. Since the changes in blood sugar can occur rapidly and without warning, a diabetic alert dog serves to alert when the diabetic’s blood sugar goes out of range. When I learned that Jaci would be receiving this special dog, I knew we needed to do something extra special to celebrate. I decided a Puppy Shower was in order!

I’ve had some experience coming up with cute ideas for bridal, baby and new home showers, so I put on my thinking cap to dream up some cute doggy-ish ideas. With the help of clever printer labels, I transformed bottles of blue drinks into “Toilet Water”.

Toilet Water for the Pampered Puppy Shower | SimplyNotable.com

No puppy shower would be complete without a hot dog bar with all the favorite fixin’s and other BBQ sides.

Perfect Food for a Pampered Puppy Shower | SimplyNotable.com

The family turned out with great, clever gifts. For leashes and other doggie paraphernalia that needs hung, we created a special hanger made from scrap wood and cute little puppy tail hooks we found at Ikea.

Wall Hook for the Pampered Puppy Shower | SimplyNotable.com

Jaci received ingredients and recipes for dog treats along with mini, dog-themed cookie cutters. She also got a machine that cooks dog treats (think waffle iron). It came with a variety of recipes for her to try. The younger cousins pitched in to make some homemade treats using an all-natural recipe. Our little Super Nova certainly approved!

Homemade Treats for A Pampered Puppy Shower | SimplyNotable.com

Nova received dozens of new toys to satisfy her urge to chew and play. She wasted no time getting familiar with her new toys.

A Pampered Puppy Shower | SimplyNotable.com

No shower is complete without a cake!

Picture Cake for a Pampered Puppy Shower | SimplyNotable.com

We were all so happy to be a part of Jaci’s special day and to officially meet Nova. We really wanted to make them both feel special.

Puppy Pampering mission accomplished!

A Pampered Puppy Shower | SimplyNotable.com




  1. Catherine Pittman says

    As a member of the “Tattle Tail” Family This is the sweetest thing ever. Since diabetes is such a huge expense, adding another member to the family is very expensive once you add in toys, food (not just any food…It has to be a good quality food which is never cheap) accessories etc. This was an awesome idea for your family to throw for Jaci!.

  2. Paula says

    Cutest dog shower ever! I just love your photos–it even looks like Nova is a trained model for your pictures. Jaci is lucky to have Nova and to have all of you to help and love her.

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