Stack up a YoYo Folk Angel

DIY Yo-Yo Angel Christmas Ornament - so cute!

Here’s another scrappy little project to transform your favorite fabric scraps into sweet little folk angels to hang on your tree. Colorful and folksy, they’ll add the perfect touch to a special package, wreath, or holiday mantel display.

To make your angel’s head – draw two eyes on a 1″ wooden bead. You can give your angel rosy cheeks by rubbing a cotton swab on powdered eye shadow or blush and rubbing it in a circle below and to the outside of each eye:

DIY Yo-Yo Angel Christmas Ornament - so cute!

Bringing out the scrap basket and selecting patterns and colors is the best part! Cut your selected scraps into circles, using a circle template about 4 – 5 ” in diameter. I traced around an upturned glass. Cut out the circles, leaving a 1/8″ seam allowance.  You’ll want to make one of these circles into a halo, two into wings and stack up 8 for your angel’s dress. For the halo and wings, I like my yoyo’s to have a nice finished center, so I hem the circle before I gather the outside, by clipping curves and ironing the edges toward the center of the circle:

DIY Yo-Yo Angel Christmas Ornament - so cute!When the stitches are pulled tight, you get a nice neat center:

DIY Yo-Yo Angel Christmas Ornament - so cute!

To make wings, fold two yoyo’s in half with the gathers to the inside and lap one over the other, tacking together with a few stitches as shown:

DIY Yo-Yo Angel Christmas Ornament - so cute!Then tie a ribbon tightly around the center, cinching the center of the two wings as tight as possible:

DIY Yo-Yo Angel Christmas Ornament - so cute!

To make the dress, I don’t worry about making nicely finished yoyo’s since the centers are hidden within the stack. I simply gather the unfinished edge with stitches, pull them tight and tack them with a couple finishing stitches. I start my first yoyo’s full sized and make each yoyo just a bit smaller by stitching farther and farther away from the unfinished edge. this makes the yoyo’s stack up nicely in a cone shape, with the smallest at the top.

DIY Yo-Yo Angel Christmas Ornament - so cute!

Threading a large eye needle with pearl cotton or other sturdy thread, Go through one hole of a 1″ button, then pierce each yoyo, smallest to largest through the centers. Thread through two holes of the other button, then again, pierce each yoyo, bottom to top, through the centers and through the remaining hole of the top button. Pull the slack out of the thread so your buttons are held securely at both the top and bottom of the stack of yoyo’s. Adjust the thread to make the height of the dress to your liking. I tend to pull it tight enough to compress the yoyo’s a bit so the stack is stable and won’t fall over. Tie a knot at the top button to complete the dress.  Leaving a  5 to 6 ” length of thread on one side and about 2 inches on the other, tie together to form a loop with the knot about a half inch from the top button so it’ll be hidden within the head.

DIY Yo-Yo Angel Christmas Ornament - so cute!

Thread the closed loop through the large eye needle and bring up through the top of the bead. Being careful to keep the thread coming up through the bead, glue the head to the top button with hot glue.

Finally, glue the halo to the back of the head and the wings to the base of the head just above the top button.

DIY Yo-Yo Angel Christmas Ornament - so cute!The only thing left to do is find a handy hanging spot for your angelic little friend!




  1. Barbara Nicosia says

    I love these! will have a lot of fun making a bunch of these. Our church group the Knit Wits make a lot of Christmas decorations for low income people in our town so that their homes can have a Holiday look/feel. This along with the candy cane wreaths will be appreciated year to year. Think I’ll decorate our church windows with the glowing snowflake weaths. Thanks for helping me with new ideas and I can start now. Wow!

    • Mom says

      You’re so welcome, Barbara! :-) I’m so impressed by folks like you who donate not only needed items, but hand crafted items to warm other people’s lives! <3


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