Solar Dyed Fiber all Spun Up

Because it was so fun to spin up my own handdyed fiber, and because I also promised I would share, here’s the Sun Fiber I recently blogged about, dyed in the big Sun Tea jar, now transformed into a beautiful bouncy two ply yarn.

From pretty braid:

Solar Dying Yarn and Fiber in the Sun

To squishy skein:


Although the red dominates – the blending of the other colors took it from rose to deep red, with puddles of pure purple and splashes of white to keep it interesting. I’m continually surprised at how fiber colors translate into yarn. It’s a witchy sort of alchemy – this pulling and smoothing of the vibrant fiber into multi shaded strands, twisted together to create entirely new hues. It just makes my fingers  sing.


Just a few glamour shots for you fiber fanatics!


Now where’s my tea jar?



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