Pretty Burlap Garland Tutorial

DIY Burlap Christmas Tree Garland! Easy Tutorial!I was recently impressed by the most uniquely decorated holiday tree! So rustic and natural – it’s limbs were hugged by a ruffled burlap garland! You know me – once I had it in my head, I couldn’t rest until I’d figured out how to make this garland for my own tree! It’s a WIP for now, a work in progress,  but here’s a little tutorial to show you how to make your own!

I cut my burlap strips along the width of the fabric, and here’s an awesome tutorial from The Barefoot Seamstress  on how to cut burlap completely straight.

I cut each strip 4 inches wide, but you can cut your strips any size you’d like to obtain that perfect width for your tree.

DIY Burlap Christmas Tree Garland! Easy Tutorial!I serged the strips together on each short end. You can also straight stitch or even zig zag your strips together. Remember, you’re shooting for a rustic look here – not perfection, and you really don’t see the ends anyway, once your burlap is gathered.

DIY Burlap Christmas Tree Garland! Easy Tutorial!Using hemp cording and a tapestry needle, tie a secure knot around one of the burlap fibers at the bottom of your work to get started.

DIY Burlap Christmas Tree Garland! Easy Tutorial!Now, simply weave in and out along the center of the burlap strip with large running stitches, gathering as you go. It’s both easy and mindless and the result is so pretty!

DIY Burlap Christmas Tree Garland! Easy Tutorial!I have about 5 feet completed and I’m well aware that I may not make it in time to hang on my tree this season, but there’s always next year! 😉 And what’s another WIP this time of year, hmmmmm?

Weave on, Crafty Friends!




  1. Suzanne says

    I think this garland is so pretty. I find myself in a similar place as you, wanting to take on new craft projects days before Christmas. I wish you speed and craft stamina.

  2. Becky says

    I love your burlap garland. Did they have any other color woven into the garland or just use lights and Christmas decorations to add color ie.bulbs or our children’s homemade decorations to the tree?

    I guess we could serge with different colors on the burlap down the sides. I’ve seen cute wreaths that the edges of the burlap had glittery colors.

    Where is the best place to by burlap yardage and is there burlap that is a tighter weave that makes it more preferable. Some I’ve seem looks so stiff but yours appeared to have a softness too it.

    Thanks for the cute idea that we can make this and make good use of that expensive serger I just bought! :-)

  3. Becky says

    Do you have an idea of how many yards of Burlap you bought to cut your strips into to get enough length of garland to cover your tree? A guesstimate would be much appreciated! And where did you buy your burlap. I went back and looked at what you were using in your photo and it looks rich – not cheap like some I’ve seen!

    Thanks and much luck getting it done for Christmas 2014! I figure if I start now I might have a chance to finish it for Xmas 2014! :-)

  4. RozMartz says

    Love the idea of the burlap garland. I really would like to make burlap things. I’m a little hesitant to use my sewing machine. Any suggestions?

    • Carli says

      You can use a straight stitch or a zig zag. A zig zag will probably allow for less fraying of the burlap.


  5. Stefanie says

    Love love love this! About how much yardage did it take to make 5 feet, do you remember? I figure if I get started soon, I may have it done before December. 😉

    • Carli says

      Hi Stepfanie,
      Unfortunately I cannot remember. I know I purchased 5 yards but I used it for other things too. I think it really depends on how much you gather it. The looser the gather, the more you can get out of the yardage. Have fun!

  6. Connie says

    I love this…my friend who is a bride to be saw this and wants it as a decoration at her wedding…it will go down the aisle along the chairs….her wedding theme is rustic so it goes perfect…I will be diligently working to get this done in about 3 weeks…

  7. Kristin says

    I just made this and it looks amazing on my tree. I did something slightly different though. I bought rolls of burlap that had already been serged on the sides and rather than thread a needle through I found a thread of burlap in the center of the end and pulled it, causing it to ruffle beautifully. Thanks for the idea of a ruffled garland!!

  8. Patty King says

    I’m just “re-discovering” the pleasure of DIY since I was put on permanent disability– Your garland is BEAUTIFUL & DOABLE!!
    I read and awesome book that’s all about the “hand-mind connection” and starting a board for those of us that can’t do some of the more ummm… challenging projects, i.e. , saws, welding equipment… THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND I CAN DO IT!!! halalalala lalalala!
    Thank u!

    • Carli says

      Hi Suzanne,
      When you are done weaving, sew a small button onto the end with the weaving thread to secure it then knot and fasten off. That way the thread/knot will not pull through the burlap. Happy Holidays!


  9. Janet Shlegle says

    Love this garland. We just used the same technique to make a wreath for a wedding shower. I serged the edges with colored thread, as suggested by a poster. The colors match the wedding theme, and coincidently match the bride’s house colors. Instead of string, I wove a heavy floral wire through the middle and gathered it the same way. Loop it into a circle and it is done! Looks great.

  10. Sandra says

    Hi, you wouldn’t happen to have a video of this- would you? I’m sorry, I’m not creative at all, I’ve never even touched burlap or string or a sewing machine! :\


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