Noo-Noo Hair Bows

Painted Pasta Hair BowsLeave it to my witty daughter, Jaydin to come up with the most unique ideas for handmade holiday gifts for her sisters. Last year you may remember the Holiday Crayons she made and gave to her younger sisters and cousins. This year it was pasta hair bows!

Painted Pasta Hair Bows

Yep! She actually started with bow tie pasta, then used little squirt bottles of acrylic paint that you can find at any craft store to paint the front and back of each bow. Once they dried, she decorated the front of the bows with polka dots, hearts, stripes, and squiggles, then hot glued the bow ties onto alligator and snap clips.

Jaydin’s tip: Spring for the alligator clips – they work better.

Painted Pasta Hair Bows

She even went so far as to make little cards to affix the bows to, just like the ones you find barrettes on at the store. She named her creation “Noo-Noo” hair clips – coined after her older sisters word for Noodles when she was a baby. We’ve called them noo-noo’s ever since. :-)

Little sister Ivy thinks they’re super cute. 😉

Painted Pasta Hair Bows



    • Carli says

      Great idea, Renee! I thought a spray clear coat before affixing them to the clips might be helpful too. So far they’ve held up well but I’m pretty diligent about taking them out when she returns home from school. 😉

  1. Suddenexpression says

    You daughter is clever. They are too cute! What a creative idea. They are also decorated very cute. Tell your daughter I’m envious of her creativity.

  2. Carli says

    Hi Susie,
    Thanks so much for including us in such a fun collection of crafty bow ideas! How fun! 😉


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