Monkey Paws

Planning a new project is one of my favorite activities. Starting is often way more fun than the actual knitting. Starting is exciting and full of promise – uncomplicated  by reality, the project lives within my mind as perfect. This might explain the number of projects I start compared to the number I actually finish.

violet greenPlanning a new pair of mitts for my oldest Grand girl, Stormi was one of those fun planning sessions. I was starting with this beautiful skein of Violet Green Socrates Supersock  in the Beanstalk colorway. Variegated yarns such as these are so beautiful, but sometimes challenging to work with. They can mask a lace or cable pattern, but in straight stockinette can pool or flash, so I wanted a pattern that would break up the colors in an interesting way.

Monkey Paw Socks Modifications to Fingerless Mitt Knitting PatternTransforming the uber popular Monkey sock pattern by Cookie A into a fingerless mitt made perfect sense to me. Loved the socks and the mitts are pretty awesome too.  Adding my own modifications to turn a sock pattern into mitts created a bit of a challenge that managed to keep me interested throughout the project as well. Both Stormi and I liked how they turned out so much, that I thought I’d share my modifications with you:

size 2.5 mm dpns

knit 3 repeats of lace pattern
Change to size 2.25 mm dpns for one chart repeat, then switch back to 2.5 mm (4 lace pattern repeats completed)

Thumb gusset:
At beg of 5th repeat of lace chart, make 1 purl wise (do all m 1 increases as purls rather than knits)
Row 2: m1, p1, m1
Row 3: m1, p3, m1
Then increase every other row to 13 sts at end of 5th lace repeat
Continue increasing every other row  to 21 sts at the end of 8th row of 6th repeat of chart

knit in pattern through 10th row, then on 11th row, put thumb stitches on a holder and join in round.

work in pattern for final two repeats of chart. (8 lace repeats total)

change to size US 1 dpn’s and work 9 rows of k1p1 ribbing. Bind off in ribbing

Put 21 thumb stitches on dpn’s (1.25mm). Pick up 3 additional stitches and purl 3 rows. k1 p1 for 6 rows. Bind off with Elizabeth Zimmerman’s sewn bind off.

 I especially love how the purled thumb gussets look in this variegated yarn.

Monkey Paw Socks Modifications to Fingerless Mitt Knitting Pattern

When I told Stormi I was sending her some “Monkey Paws”, she was confused. She now calls them her “Monkey Claws”.

Monkey Paw Socks Modifications to Fingerless Mitt Knitting Pattern

I think they suit her.



  1. says

    Brilliant idea! Cookie A’s pattern for socks has been a repetitive (too many times to count) favorite of mine! I’m going to try your idea with Blue Moon Fiber’s Socks that Rock. Have quite a stash of variegated sock yarn from Blue Moon! Thanks for the idea!

  2. says

    I have one question…how long is the cuff’s ribbing before starting the lace pattern? I’m doing regular k1 p1 ribbing rather than the twisted rib in the sock pattern. I love Socks that Rock, too!!!

    • Mom says

      Thanks Andrea! That’s a skein I’d been hoarding for awhile, but I think the colorway was perfect for her.

  3. Haley says

    Any idea on how to modify this for a dk weight yarn? My sister has her heart set on these mitts, but the yarn I spun her is a dk weight…

    • Mom says

      Hi Haley, I’d start by finding your gauge in the dk yarn to see if you can get the same size by leaving out one repeat of the lace pattern.

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