Iron Chef – The Home Game!

Cooking Competition - Iron Chef BountifulI’ve been wanting to blog about our local Iron Chef Competition for awhile now, but being a newbie to the group, I didn’t want the nice ladies that participate to think, (or know yet?), that I’m a little weird. 😉 When I first moved to Utah, sister-in-law Cindee invited me to the monthly get together they call Iron Chef Bountiful. It’s a fun group of women who get together for laughs, food, a little competition and an awesome time! This month, it was held at Cindee’s house so I was comfortable asking if I could snap pictures of the festivities. Cindee prepared the welcome table with numbered cards for each participant to secretly label her entry, a bowl for presentation votes and a bowl for taste votes.

Cooking Competition - Iron Chef Bountiful

Every participant brought one homemade dish that contained an ingredient that was chosen the month before. This month the special ingredient was lemons! We had a lot of sweets this time – sour cream lemon pie, lemon coconut pie, beautiful pastries and crepes, lemon cakes, lemon bars, lemon scones and more.

Cooking Competition - Iron Chef Bountiful

Cooking Competition - Iron Chef Bountiful

Once everyone has arrived and set up their dishes, the first order of business is to vote on presentation. Then everyone gets to dig in to the beautiful array of yumminess, trying a little of each.  The best part is gathering at the table, exclaiming over the delicious food and chatting about all things girly.

Local Iron Chef Cooking Competition
After our nice dinner it’s time to privately vote on taste! We vote by grabbing  6 small pieces of voting paper and on the first 3 pieces we write the corresponding number of the dish we think should be voted “Gold”. Then on 2 pieces of voting paper we write the corresponding number of the dish we think should be voted “Silver”. On your remaining piece of voting paper we write the corresponding number of the dish we think should be voted “Bronze” and place them all into the “taste voting bowl”. The host tallies up the votes and each winner get their trophies to proudly display in their home for the month.

Local Iron Chef Cooking Competition A new host volunteers for the following month, she picks an ingredient and all trophies are brought back to the next Iron Chef night. It is SO much fun! If you’re looking for something fun to do in your neighborhood or with your group of friends, I highly recommend starting your own group!

Next month’s ingredient? Pasta! Wish me luck, Crafty Friends!



  1. says

    Part of the fun of ICB is finding out just how weird everybody is! ICB is the perfect night out for me. If I was in a book group I would have to dedicate hours of time every month to read books and then feel guilty for not spending that time with my kids. (I like to read but it stresses me out to much to have to do it by a deadline) ICB only takes away a small amount of time from my kids. But really, I have to make food for my kids anyway and they like some of the new things that I try for ICB, so usually it’s a win win situation. They get to try new foods and mom gets some grown up time away with friends.

  2. Adelle says

    I have loved following along with the ingredients and dishes prepared for Iron Chef. I am tempted to get a group together in my neighborhood…

  3. Alicia says

    What an awesome idea for a girls night get-together! Thanks so much for sharing. I’m curious, what dish got gold?

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