Holiday Hand Warmers and Printable Gift Tag!

With the autumn days winging by, we’re fast approaching the season of giving. In my neighborhood, the giving generally involves deliciously gooey baked goods or candy. I have a sweet tooth as much as the next gal, but by mid-December I’m good and tired of trying to dodge the gifted sweets threatening the 10 pounds it’s taken me a year to lose!

So, this year I’m determined to create neighbor and teacher gifts that are not calorie related. Idea #1 – sweet little handmade heart hand warmers!

Holiday Hand Warmers and Printable Gift Tag from Simply Notable!Want to try your own? Start by determining the shape you would like your hand warmers to be.  I chose a heart shape because I thought it would fit nicely in a hand and it’s a cute way to tell my neighbors and child’s teacher that I love them!  I also thought it would be cute to buy a mitten cookie cutter and make them mitten shaped, or if you want to keep it simple a square shape would work just fine!

Next, make your pattern using scissors and card stock.  Add about 1/4″ around the perimiter to account for your seam allowance.

Lay 2 coordinating fabrics right sides together.  Trace your pattern onto the fabric using a fabric marker and then cut out however many sets of hand warmers you want to make.  If you have a directional print and pattern, make sure you are cutting your shape so that the fabric is right side up. For example: I want the tops of the trees in my fabric to be pointing towards the top of the heart.

Holiday Hand Warmers and Printable Gift Tag from Simply Notable!Using a 1/4″ seam allowance, straight stitch around the heart leaving a 1 inch opening for turning.  I like to leave an opening on a straight edge so that hand sewing the opening closed is as painless as possible! Clip the bottom point (not shown in picture) and the curves at the top for a perfect shape once turned right-side-out.

Holiday Hand Warmers and Printable Gift Tag from Simply Notable!Now for the Wheatberry filling!  A wheatberry is the entire wheat kernel, except for the hull, and can be found at most local markets. You can also use rice however, I’ve found when heating the rice, it has a stronger scent and a slightly different texture.

Holiday Hand Warmers and Printable Gift Tag from Simply Notable!Fill a small bowl with wheat berries and add just a drop or two of cinnamon essential oil.  I thought giving it a hint of cinnamon fit right in with the holiday season. You could however use any essential oil to achieve your desired scent.  Use caution not to over do the essential oils, just a drop or two will do the trick.  If you over oil it could soak the fabric or be too overpowering. 

Once you’ve added the essential oil use hands to mix it through the wheat berries.

Holiday Hand Warmers and Printable Gift Tag from Simply Notable!Turn all the hearts right side out and fill with wheatberries. You can simply drop them into your opening or use a funnel.

Holiday Hand Warmers and Printable Gift Tag from Simply Notable!Hand sew openings. Or you could have your amazing sister-in-law do it for you! Thanks Carli :)

Holiday Hand Warmers and Printable Gift Tag from Simply Notable!Toss them into the microwave for a test run.  It should only take about 60 seconds in the microwave and should stay hot for an hour or more.

WARNING: If you let your kids test them out, you will most likely not be able to get them back and will have to make more!  This is a good sign that your gift will be wildly popular and loved by all who receive it!

Holiday Hand Warmers and Printable Gift Tag from Simply Notable!Wrap them up in a gorgeous handmade box using two (12×12) sheets of holiday scrapbook paper.  Here is our easy Fold A Paper Gift Box Tutorial.

You will want to give them in sets of two and make sure to include instructions for use. If you’d like to use the poem I wrote for the recipients of my gifts, feel free to download the PDF below:

Free Printable Gift Tag and Instructions for Cute Holiday Hand Warmers for Neighbors and Teachers. Download Simply Notable’s Gift Tag PDF here

Warm hearted wishes, Crafty Friends!



  1. Laura says

    How darling! I’m looking forward to making some-thank you so much for sharing. I didn’t know about the wheatberries or how to scent them, so really appreciate this. And while I’m here, thank you for your other patterns–I’ve enjoyed many of them….and need to make some of the pine trees now, too!

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