Handspun Oaklet

Handspun Yarn - OakletAfter the process of dyeing, spinning and plying a selection of fiber, knitting with it is the absolute icing on the cake for me. This lovely lace shawl started life as a 4 oz length of natural BFL and silk roving that Carli dyed for me in her kitchen! I described my goals for the spin last year about this time in my Tour is On post, and showed you the pretty yarn in my Better Late than Never post. The May Shawl KAL, CAL, WAL (knit along, crochet along or weave along), hosted in our Simply Notable Ravelry Group finally nudged me to choose a pattern and get it knitted up.

Handspun Yarn - OakletI used the free Oaklet Shawl pattern by Tricksy Knitter. I’ve enjoyed many of her patterns, and this one is no exception. So straight forward and easy to knit! It’s one of those projects you can do listening to an audiobook or watching a movie, because the lace is easy enough to memorize and the more complicated lace rows are spaced out between mindless rows. The result is simple and understated elegance.

Handspun Yarn - Oaklet

This one often goes out with me to the backyard so I can reach for it after an evening swim. Even in warmer weather, my wraps get used and cuddled. Bring your beautiful handcrafted wraps out, I say! Drape them on chairs and pile them in baskets near to hand. They add such richness and beauty to our lives!



  1. Linda says

    Is this one of those shawls that you have to cast on the first few stitches and then turn and go down the side and then back to the cast on row adding on stitches?

  2. Linda says

    O.k. I have looked up a vidio on how to do the picking up stitches down the side and on the cast on edge and I actually think I can handle that part. what I don’t understand is where it says that in the pattern. I have read the beginning of the pattern and just don’t see it. Oh I might admit that I am not a chart reader so that dosen’t help me either. do you happen to know of any vidios showing how to get started on this particular shawl?

    • Mom says

      I’m sorry, Linda. I went back to look again at the pattern and realized that its not that kind of start on the Oaklet pattern. If you just trust the pattern and follow the written directions, you shouldn’t have any problem. It’s very straight forward.

  3. says

    this is a lovely shawl! when I clicked on the link to the pattern, I saw that I had added it to my Ravelry library two years ago! I put it in my queue just now so I don’t forget it again! :)

    • Mom says

      Same with me, Annmarie! I think I had it in my queue for at least a year before knitting it! There’s just so many beautiful patterns and so little time.

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