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A Handspun Knitted Valentine Sachet Heart PatternEach time I finish a hand spun knit, I roll up all those leftover pieces and display them in one of the pretty little bowls I collect in my craft room. When it gets too full and starts spilling over the sides, I start thinking about making some little scrappy project with them. Hand spun, especially on a drop spindle, is truly a labor of love, so what more perfect to use those leftovers than hand spun hearts?


I used the Love Hearts pattern by Jackie Ziegler because it’s knit in one piece, in the round, so you don’t have to seam two together. Since I wanted to fill mine with dried lavender, I was happy to find that when you’re done knitting, there’s an opening at the top perfect for that. You’ll need a funnel for the job. I filled two with the lavender that a friend sent me from her garden, and the other two with Herbs de Provence that I bought on our trip to France last year.


Did you know that aromatic herbs repel moths? Pretty important info for those of us with wool lying around. I’ll tuck these into the drawers that hold my pretty skeins of yarn to keep them safe and sweet smelling.




  1. says

    Great fun, can’t wait to use up all my spare yarn. I have a Learn to Knit class coming up and this could be a great project to show or to give away a few as door prizes. Thank you for sharing “MOM”. Paula

    • Mom says

      You bet, Paula! I love your website! I wish I could go to your Learn to Knit class and get one of your pretty rose door prizes! :-)

    • Mom says

      You’re welcome, TerriSue! I’ve tried some other heart patterns and they’re perfectly nice, but I try to avoid seaming, as many of them require and LOVE that this works up in one piece.

    • Mom says

      I love your gift topper idea, Andrea! When you’re done knitting, there’s two yarn ends at the top. You could sew them closed, then leave the ends as ties!

  2. Alicia says

    What an awesome idea to a) use up yarn scraps b) make your yarn smell wonderful and c) keep the moths at bay! I might have to make a few of these myself. Thanks for the inspiration :-)


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