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Microsoft Office 365The “back to school” season is upon us and no one is more excited than my four girls. We’ve been collecting new outfits in small shopping trips throughout the summer to save my pocketbook a knockout in September. Now that we’ve assured that no one will have to return to class naked, we can focus on the tools they need – namely technology!

In recent years it’s become more important as computers have become routine tools in their classrooms. (Did you know that according to a recent Microsoft survey, 70% of students today create presentations with Software like Microsoft PowerPoint?)

Mom makes the girls giggle when she shares stories from her school days – “Oh sure!” she says. “I had a computer when I was a schoolgirl. My tablet was a pad of paper. Want to know how we deleted mistakes? It was called an eraser.” So true! The classroom has changed dramatically in the past 20 years. I took keyboarding on a typewriter when I was in high school, and like Mom – I didn’t have computers in class either. I’m not complaining about the changes though – technology is awesome! Microsoft’s survey confirms that 59% of parents used typewriters when they were their kids’ age, while 82% of teens use desktop, laptop or tablet computers. I’m no exception. My oldest daughter, Stormi, will be starting her junior year this September. I don’t know where she got her ambition, but this kid is a smarty pants! She takes advanced placement classes to work toward an associate’s degree she’s determined to complete by the time she graduates high school. We learned a valuable lesson last year when Stormi turned in a paper that took her hours of research, drafts and revisions to complete. After she printed the final draft, she closed her program, without saving a copy and turned the report in to her teacher with great relief that the project was over. A few days later she checked her grades online only to find a “missing assignment” in the area where her grade should be. She was devastated. The following day she questioned her teacher who insisted that she did not have Stormi’s report. It was gone forever – along with the hours and effort she’d spent on it.

I recently learned about the new Microsoft Office 365. It’s the typical suite of awesome office programs (Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint and more) but with one added benefit that would have greatly benefited Stormi on that dreadful day last year, SKYDRIVE! It stores Stormi’s documents on the cloud so they’re accessible from anywhere including PC’s and mobile devices. She can access her homework in progress from any computer. She can even share her documents with her weekly coffee house study group or make it available for parental viewing, my personal favorite part ;-) My hard working student won’t start her junior year without it!


Be sure to check out Microsoft Office 365’s Back to School Throwback Sweepstakes:
-Sweepstakes to launch on August 15th (on throwback Thursday!) and closes on September 27th
-To enter, all you have to do is submit a “throwback” picture of yourself from back in the day.  Submit your picture here on the Office Facebook page and share it on Facebook or Twitter to let your friends know! (#tbt + #officebts)
-Contestants are entered for a chance to win either a one-year subscription of Office 365 Home Premium (to be given away every weekday) or a Surface Pro (to be given away every Thursday).




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  1. Theresa
    Posted August 15, 2013 at 4:30 pm | Permalink

    Computers didn’t even exist til I was a senior in college. Calculators had cost a small fortune so we had to use a slide rule. Imagine if today’s kids had to revert to using that–they would be so totally lost.
    I would have liked to enter your contest but I don’t spend my time on facebook.

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