Five Minute DIY Decorative Pillow Tutorial

DIY Sew Decorative Throw PillowsI just spent a fun morning sorting through my fabric stash and converting it into some cushy little throw pillows. They’re easy peasy – stitched up in a flash. Want to give them a try? Here’s what you’ll need:

Pillow forms in the size of your choice

To determine how much fabric you need, add 1″ to the height of the pillow form and multiply the width of the pillow form by 2 (to cover the front and back of the pillow). Finally, add 6 inches  for the back overlap. In the example I used below, my pillow form was 12″ high by 16 inches wide so I cut my fabric 13 inches high by 38 inches wide. Be sure to purchase an extra inch or so of fabric to allow for shrinkage because you will definitely want to prewash prior to making your pillows – that way you can take them off and wash them and they’ll still fit your pillow forms when they come out of the dryer.

DIY Sew Decorative Throw PillowsCut your fabric. I folded my fabric in half so that I cut 13″ X 19″ with the fold right on the “0” mark of my cutting mat.

DIY Sew Decorative Throw PillowsOpen up the fabric and serge raw edges of the shorter sides of the fabric. If you do not have a serger, no problem! This is just an easy way for me to hem the edges. Instead, fold over 1/4″ twice to hide your raw edge.

DIY Sew Decorative Throw Pillows

Sew a straight stitch 1/4″ from edge to hem what will be the opening of your pillow case.

DIY Sew Decorative Throw PillowsNext fold the fabric in half, hemmed edges together. Iron so that you can easily see the center crease. Lay the center crease on the cutting mat so that it matches up with the measurement that will be the center of your pillow case. For instance, if your pillow form is 16 inches wide, line up your center crease on the 8 inch mark.

DIY Sew Decorative Throw PillowsVery carefully – being sure not to disturb your center crease – open up the fabric and find the left edge by folding it to match the 0 inch mark.

DIY Sew Decorative Throw PillowsNow do the same for the right edge and line it up so that it is the full width of the pillow form (16″ in my case).

DIY Sew Decorative Throw PillowsWhen you find your edges, you will create the overlap for the pillow case to slip into. This creates the envelope style opening. This is what it should look like. Pin in place

DIY Sew Decorative Throw PillowsSerge or sew raw edges using a 1/4 to 1/2 inch seam allowance.

DIY Sew Decorative Throw PillowsSlip pillow in!

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DIY Sew Decorative Throw Pillows

Enjoy your new pillows – and don’t forget to iron out your middle crease like I did! 😉



  1. says

    It certainly is a fun morning when you can just sort through
    material or make something. Lucky you.
    Cushions are sweet.
    Cheers, Anita.

    • Mom says

      Carli used to swear she “couldn’t” sew, then next thing I knew she got so good that she started her own business sewing cloth diapers! So, be encouraged – you can totally do it. :-)

    • Carli says

      Lisa, this is the perfect project to start you off. Easy and instant gratification. Time to break in that machine. 😉

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