Egg Sox

Easter Egg Sox Free Knitting PatternCover your hard boiled or refillable plastic eggs in sleeves that resemble popular knit sock patterns. Stuff them with jelly beans to fill your baskets, or stitch markers and mini skeins to treat your knitting BFFs!


dd = double decrease  = slip 2 stitches knitwise. Knit next stitch, then pass slipped stitches over knitted stitch.
k2tog = knit 2 stitches together
YO = yarn over
tbl = through the back loop
SSK = slip, slip, knit
Sl = slip
PSSO = pass slipped stitch over


Sock Yarn Scraps
Set of 5 US 3, 3.00mm double pointed needles
tapestry needle

Easter Egg Sox Free Knitting PatternbulletEggwalker:

CO 36 and join to knit in round
row 1: Purl around
row 2: Knit around
row 3: (kfb, k2, dd, k2, kfb) four times
row 4: knit around
repeat rows 3 and 4 four more time 
row 13: purl around
bind off knitwise
fasten off and weave in ends

Easter Egg Sox Free Knitting PatternbulletMonkey Eggs:

CO 32 and join to knit in the round
row 1: Purl around
row 2: knit around
row 3: (P4, k8, P4) twice
row 4: (P3, K2tog, K3, YO twice, K3, SSK, P3) twice
row 5: (P3, K5, K1 tbl, K4, P3) twice
row 6: (P2, K2tog, K3, YO, K2, YO, K3, SSK, P2) twice
row 7: (P2, K12, P2) twice
row 8: (P1, K2tog, K3, YO, K4, YO, K3, SSK, P1) twice
row 9: (P1, K14, P1) twice
row 10: (K2tog, k3, YO, K6, YO, K3, SSK) twice
row 11: knit around
row 12: knit around
bind off purlwise

bulletDuckie Eggs:

co 28 and join to knit in round
rows 1-3: (k5, p2) around
row 4: (K2tog, YO, k1, YO,  Sl 1, K1, PSSO, P2) around
repeat rows 1-4 twice more
rows 13-15: (k5, P2) around
bind off in pattern

Easter Egg Sox Free Knitting Pattern

Download Simply Notable’s Egg Sox PDF Pattern here.

© Copyright 2013 Simply Notable

Fine Print: We are absolutely flattered that our crafty friends would want to make cute items from our original copyright patterns to sell in their online shops or brick and mortar stores. We are thrilled to grant that permission. We do, however, request that anywhere the item is for sale, (on each and every online listing OR on each item in your brick and mortar store that a Simply Notable pattern has been used), that you link back to us here at Simply Notable so others can enjoy the same free pattern you utilized. When you sprinkle the Simply Notable love back our way in the form of links, it lets us know how much you appreciate the free patterns we’ve shared. The only hard line we draw here at Simply Notable is that the free patterns themselves absolutely cannot be sold.


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  1. Rachel Sanchez
    Posted March 10, 2013 at 7:42 pm | Permalink

    How cute! What a fun way to use up scraps, too. :)

    • Mom
      Posted March 15, 2013 at 5:50 am | Permalink

      Thanks Rachel! I did have fun making enough to fill an egg carton. :-)

  2. Ila
    Posted March 8, 2014 at 12:04 am | Permalink

    Always looking for a way to use up sock yarn leftovers. Got bags of ‘em! I love this – gonna share it with my knitting group.

    • Mom
      Posted March 9, 2014 at 8:40 am | Permalink

      Thanks for sharing us, Ila! I agree – the sock leftovers would take over if I didn’t find ways to use them up. Finding ways to use them is my joy! :-)

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