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DIY Suited Etched Glass Cocktail Glasses

As parents of young kids, we sure enjoy inviting over good friends and playing cards around the kitchen table after tucking the little ones in bed. Yay for adult time! Serving cocktails in jelly jars gets a bit old, but after pricing new glasses online, I decided to try my luck at Goodwill’s second hand store  and found a great set of highball glasses for just over a dollar.  I thought it would be fun to suit them up: so I not only have cute glasses, but can also keep track of whose-is-whose when in use!

Start by cutting shapes into adhesive vinyl. I used self-adhesive vinyl that came in a roll made by the paper studio. It is normally sold for cricut, at my local craft store.  You can also used inexpensive vinyl contact paper. I cut these free-hand – feel free to download my patterns below. There are plenty of templates available online or you can create a custom design of your own.

DIY Suited Etched Glass Cocktail Glasses with Free Pattern

Stick vinyl carefully onto a clean glass by pressing from the inside shape to the outside edge.

DIY Etched Glass

Apply a good thick layer of etching cream in the cutout area.  It is best to ensure you cannot see the glass underneath the cream.  You may even need to add a second coat.  Make sure to cover your work area with a towel or plastic and wear gloves to protect skin.

DIY Suited Etched Glass Cocktail Glasses with Free Pattern

Let etching cream sit for 30 minutes.  The brand I used said 15 minutes, but 30 minutes produced a better result.

DIY Suited Etched Glass Cocktail Glasses with Free Pattern

Remove vinyl and wash glass with a soft cloth and warm water.  That, my crafty friends, is how simple it is to custom design your own glassware.

DIY Suited Etched Glass Cocktail Glasses with Free Pattern

Euchre anyone?

Download Simply Notable’s Cocktail Glass Card Suit Patterns here!

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  1. Tami Chugg says

    Cindee, you did a great job free handing that! If you ever need it, I have a cricut and I’m happy to help you with those trickier cuts.

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