A Feather and Fan Comfort Shawl

The Feather and Fan Comfort Shawl is a popular free pattern that’s been waiting for my attention for a few years now.

Feather and Fan Comfort Shawl Knitting PatternI love the feminine, homey stitch pattern that lends itself so well to stripes of coordinating colors and I’ve dreamed it into existence with so many different combinations!

Feather & Fan Shawl Knitting PatternThis large shawl came to be using a skein of handspun polworth wool that I blogged about here, along with 4 skeins of light green and one skein of a turquoise  llama/silk blend.

Feather & Fan Shawl Knitting PatternThey actually played together surprisingly well – combining into a medley of warm glowing tones – just waiting to wrap up a faraway friend in a surrogate hug.

Feather & Fan Shawl Knitting PatternWhen she draws her pretty new shawl around her shoulders, I hope it helps her to remember that although she travels alone, she’s held in others’ hearts.




  1. Linda says

    I have not made a shawl before starting at the center like this one does. do you just go back and fourth on the rows like you would a scarf?

  2. Radwa ElShami says

    This shawl is impressive and the colors are mesmerizing. I am giving it a try with wool skeins, but I cannot do the math of the final count of stitches I will be working on. At 240 stitches currently, I am perhaps half way through. Does it increase beyond 300 to yield a full shawl for grownups?
    I am only concerned about the length of the needle; I doubt there will be enough room :( I am using a 5 steel needle, the longest I have around.
    Please advise.

    • Mom says

      Hi Radwa! Yes, it does increase as large as you want it to be by just continuing to follow the pattern. You may have to buy a longer circular needle if you think it’s going to outgrow the one you have. Sounds like you must have plenty of yarn to keep going! Hurray! :-)

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