Yarn Shopping in Athens

With one week before I return to the U.S., I couldn’t leave without sharing a couple of my local yarn stores here in the city of Athens, Greece. There are two yarn stores I’ve enjoyed most. One is the Kangaroo Store – a super crafty little place loaded with supplies for fiber related crafts. skeins of silkOn this last visit, they had everything imaginable for felting and creating three dimensional fiber art, such as felt balls, small skeins of silk and silk cocoons. The owner is always helpful and makes an extra effort to communicate with me, letting me know what crafting classes they have coming up.

Another store I’m partial to is Mallia Molokotou. Their handmade I Love Wool sign is impressive, and although the store carries alot of acryllic and rough local wool, I usually manage to find a skein or two of upscale German yarns.

I can’t say it’s easy to locate the kind of yarn I crave. The boutique brands that are popular in the U.S. are sadly absent in this city. There’s a good amount of Lang, Katia, and some perfectly nice local cotton available.  But yarn, like many things when you add the value added tax, is expensive and the stores reflect that the interest of fiber enthusiasts here is less trendy than it is in the U.S.

But if Athens isn’t number one in yarn, one thing they truly do excel in is shoes. I’ve never seen such awesome shoes anywhere as I have walking down the main shopping drag on Ermou Street.

A walk through this shopping area goes right by my local McDonald’s.

Bet you haven’t had this kind of Big Mac!





  1. Kate says

    Good grief that’s a lot of shoes! I do love how McDonalds adapts to the local cuisine. The McDonalds in Germany have some of the best burgers and coffee I’ve ever had — a far cry from what I’ve come to expect at the US McDonalds. They even have McCafes.

    • Mom says

      I know what you mean. Loooved the cappuccino’s at McDonald’s in Italy! We have McCafes here in Greece too. MMMmmmmm

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