Vintage Rag Curlers Pattern and Tutorial

Vintage Rag Curlers Sewing Pattern and TutorialLast Thursday I blogged about Vintage Rag Curls and showed you my Updated Vintage Rag Curlers. I promised you a pattern and tutorial and here it is!

I needed about a dozen rag curlers for my girl’s hair. If you or your little one have thinner hair, you could probably get away with less.

Materials needed for each rag curler:
Simply Notable’s PDF Rag Curl Pattern
a scrap piece of fabric at least 11 X 3 inches
a small amount of polyfil
thread and needle

Print out the pattern above and check that the curler pattern measurement is approximately 11″ X 3″ to ensure it printed correctly and at full size. Cut out the rag curler pattern and all of your rag curlers. Mark each pattern marking with a fabric pen.

Start with your first rag curler: Fold it in half long ways with right sides together and press.

Free Pattern for Rag Curlers

With a straight stitch, sew around the curlers raw edge using a 1/8″ seam allowance and leaving the area between the dots unsewn. This will be used for turning and stuffing your curler with polyfil. Make sure you use a fix stitch every time you stop and start sewing.

Sewing Tutorial for Rag Curls

Clip your pointy ends on each of the curlers. Turn right side out pushing out your ends with a pointy object such as a crochet hook. Press.

Free Sewing Pattern for Rag Curlers

Top stitch down the two markings you made on the curler. This is the little pouch that the polyfil will call home.

Vintage Rag Curlers Pattern and Tutorial

Stuff the little pouch to a light firmness. If it’s too firm it will be hard to sleep on but if it’s not firm enough, the hair will collapse the curler. Make sure it feels “mushy” between your fingers but there should be no slack in the fabric.

Stuffed Curler Pattern and Tutorial

Hand sew your opening. As someone who always tries to avoid anything hand sewing, I recently learned that I loved the ladder stitch. Very easy and gets the job done!

Updated Rag Curler Sewing Tutorial

Rag Curls Sewing Pattern

My hope is to see lots of curly heads around this blog – there are certainly curls around my house! Enjoy!

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  1. Elise says

    Thanks! I just finished making a batch so I’ll be testing them tonight. They turned out pretty well.

  2. Julie says

    Oh, these are so very cute. I had my husband drive me right over to Jo~Ann to buy material to make some for oen of our granddaughters. We have three granddaughters and two grandsons, though only the eldest granddaughter has straight hair. I thought she would really like these and her birthday is coming up. Getting out the sewing machine soon. Now I truly wish I had bought that beautiful hand crank one!

  3. Cinda says

    My daughter loves them. I’ve done her hair the past couple of days. She insisted on having “curly hair” for Easter. Looks adorable. Thanks for the pattern [img][/img]


    • Cinda says

      sorry…I didn’t do the picture right. I’m not sure how to do it…[img][/img]

  4. says

    I have real short hair and don’t roll my hair, but would like to tell someone about this idea. I’m at a lost, thought, on how to USE your rollers! (I’m one of those women that still can’t figure out how to use hair pins to pin-curl hair!.)

    Did I miss something? I don’t see instructions / pictures on HOW to roll the hair? How far apart do you separate the hair – how do you wind it around the rag roller – how do you close it up (I assume tie a bow)???


  5. says

    I loved making up your project so much that I had to blog about it.
    The results are really great using these curlers. Thanks so much for the tutorial. P.S. your daughter is just adorable.

    • Carli says

      Yay Karen! I absolutely loved your post. Thank you so much for featuring us on your blog. I love the vintage looking floral you used for some of your curlers.

  6. says

    I remember waking up as a kid to curlers hurting my head. These are perfect. My youngest has wavy-curly hair, but if she grows it way out it can lose the curl. Pinned your projects & am going to follow along.

  7. Carli says

    I’m so excited to try these out on my little girl! She’s 3 and is going to be in a wedding in June, and I’m nervous about styling her hair. I’ve been using the foam curlers on her hair since she was a year old (she has a TON of hair), but the last couple of times I’ve used them, they haven’t stayed in well overnight and the curl hasn’t held. Maybe this will work better! I think it’s a sure thing since we have the same name 😉 (I’ve NEVER met anyone who spells it the same way as me, by the way!)

    • Carli says

      I love it, Carli! Okay we have more in common. My kids are born with a ton of hair and by 2 years old it’s to their waist so I know exactly where you are coming from! You’ll love the rag curlers. They work great on longer hair. I have absolutely no problem with them falling out at night. I knot them pretty good! If you give them a try, post a picture of your cutie and then you can also see if they will work for the wedding!

      Awesome to meet another Carli. I don’t believe I’ve ever, in my 37 years (did I say that out loud??), met another Carli that spelled it the same as mine! 😉

      • Carli says

        So I had to show you a pic of how cute my little bean looks in these…I can’t wait to see how they work![img][/img]

        • Carli says

          Oh Carli, is she ever CUTE!!!! You are going to love them! When I unroll them I do so very gently – removing the hair from the curlers rather than pulling the curlers out. That way the curls all stay together then I lightly separate the curls after the curlers are all out. I notice that if I pull the curlers from the hair, the hair sometimes gets a little wild and messy. I like the ringlet look. 😉 Let us see when you’re done if you get a chance to snap a picture!

          Thanks for sharing – she’s adorable!

  8. Carli says

    Ok, here is the finished product! I think she is going to outshine the bride in this wedding. I’m so glad you posted this pattern![img][/img]

  9. Carli says



    • Mom says

      Oh my gosh! I am sooo impressed with how beautiful that worked on her hair! What a little beauty!!! 😀

    • Carli says

      Look at her!!!! I bet she loved getting all dolled up for the wedding. She looks like a little princess. Love what the rag curls did to her hair. Just beautiful all around!

      • Carli says

        Thanks! She absolutely loved being a princess for a day, and I felt like a queen with all of the compliments I got on her hair and how beautiful she looked. She and her 2 brothers who were also in the wedding, were absolute angels! I couldn’t have been prouder :)

  10. Cornish Crafty Girls says

    So pretty results with just rags!
    Years ago my mum used to put them in mine … but the end result wasn’t as good!!


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