Turkish Bed Socks

I have a favorite pattern for slippers that I use over and over. The great thing about these is how versatile they are. They make great spring slippers to wear around the house – so nice and light. They make great travel socks too. I can pop them out of my purse and onto my feet when going through security so I don’t have to walk barefoot on the dirty airport floor. They’re also a perfect little sock to wear with my clogs.

Knitted Turkish Bed Socks

The pattern is Turkish Bed Socks by Churchmouse Yarns and Teas. I had the pleasure of visiting this beautiful yarn store once when I was on vacation and received this pattern free with purchase when I bought my first skein of koigu.  A landmark day! Both of these pairs were made with MyBootee Boutique Self Striping Sock Yarn.

Turkish Bed Socks Knitting PatternI’ve always thought that the top of these little footies are a perfect canvas for your own stitch design if you’re so disposed to come up with one.

You can make two pairs from one 100 gram skein of fingering weight sock yarn. As you can see, even with stripey yarn, I make mine into fraternal rather than identical twins. I like the whimsy of mismatched stripey socks. Besides, I can’t be bothered with all the fuss of getting them exactly the same.

I sent the first pair off to my oldest Granddaughter, who now has larger feet than I do, and the second pair went to a special swap partner.  I think it’s time to dig through the sock stash to make another pair, or two, for myself!



    • Mom says

      Yep! They’re quickie little socks and so wearable. Everyone I’ve made them for just loves them!

  1. says

    I found the pattern at our LYS, and have made ONE!!! For me, it’s not a real fast project, and I’ll eventually get its mate finished; been making tons of baby booties for some reason, and now I know why…I have 4 babies due the first 6 months of 2013, all nieces/nephews adding to their families!!! Oh, my!!!!

    • Mom says

      Oh my gosh, Paula!! Babies everywhere! I really love knitting for babies though. Their stuff goes so fast and is totally adorable. :-) I think the first time I made the Turkish Bed Socks, it went kind of slow too as I puzzled through the construction, but after that first pair, they flew!

  2. says

    Right now, I’m into instant gratification!!! I’ve made 2 baby sweaters, and 6 pair of slippers.
    I will get to the second sock; it’s very comfortable on my one foot, even though the heel is a bit narrow. (I have big feet!!!)

    • Mom says

      I have big feet too. I just modified the pattern for worsted weight yarn for holiday slippers and made it a bit more generous for my wider feet. It still needs some tweaking to get it exactly how I want it, but overall I really like it in worsted also. Makes a nice thick slipper for winter! Yay for instant gratification! 😀

    • Mom says

      Sorry Wimpie. We don’t do videos at this time. We just blog. :-) There’s a pattern for sale for these socks at Churchmouse Yarns and Teas. You can find the link in the post above. Happy knitting!

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